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Trial Begins for Operators of Makeshift New York Indian Casino

What makes a Native American tribe a Native American tribe? In legal terms, it’s simple: they’re recognized by the federal government. In a lot of ways, this is the question at the heart of the trial that has just begun for four operators of the Three Feathers Casino, an ostensibly Indian casino that had operated…Read More

Las Vegas Casino Operators Bid Adieu to Witch Hunters of Massachusetts

Many U.S. states, if they haven’t exactly copied the Nevada model to a “t”, have had great success building and marketing land casinos that certainly emulate the American gambling mecca. But for some reason, Massachusetts can’t quite get with the gambling paradigm; maybe it’s the ghost of the Salem puritans, still lurking via regulators and…Read More

UK Police Banned from Gambling and Porn Sites 2,700 Times, BBC Says

Police in the southern UK counties of Devon and Cornwall have been blocked from online gambling and pornographic websites a whopping 2,700 times over a period of just three months, according to a newly released report from the BBC.  The scandalous findings bring a whole new meaning to the term “bobbies on the beat”. Saucy Summer…Read More

MGM Grand and Cirque du Soleil Cited in KA Performer’s Death

In shows like the Cirque du Soleil franchise across Las Vegas – which constantly push the envelope on stunning aerial feats, jumps and drops – it’s not immediately apparent when a real tragedy occurs and one of the performers is fatally injured. And for audience members watching “Ka” at the MGM Grand on June 29,…Read More

Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Stuns Australia with Alleged Bank Fraud

What would make a successful poker pro risk everything by getting involved in a massive, multimillion dollar bank fraud and Ponzi scheme plot? That’s the question many are now asking regarding Australian poker pro Bill Jordanou, who is under investigation by Victoria police for his alleged role in a bank fraud that went on for…Read More

Hit With Crisis After Crisis, Caesars Struggles to Keep an Even Keel

If the old adage that bad publicity is better than no publicity holds true, then Caesars Entertainment Corp. is doing just fantastically well. By any other measures, however: not so much. As if being forced – for PR reasons – to cut ties with its Las Vegas Strip new hotel and casino project partner Gansevoort and…Read More

Sporting Chance UK CEO Says Footballers Gambling with Payday Loans

You’ve probably seen the ads for payday loans on TV or on a billboard – those services that will immediately cash your paycheck as a loan, only asking for an insanely high interest rate in return. You may have even used one in a pinch. But you’ve probably never considered the fact that a professional…Read More

South African Man’s Losing Lottery Ticket in Keystone Kops Mess

A young man from Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa – who laid claim to a National Lottery prize of R33 780 698 ($3,470,796) recently – was not only the victim of a crime, but also the victim of not reading the correct date on the ticket; something a lot of us could probably relate to,…Read More

Illegal Vietnamese Gambling Den Leads to Hidden Man’s Death

There are plenty of bizarre stories related to individuals attempting to cheat casinos and other gambling venues, and even quite a few that have tragic endings. But few can rival the story of a young man from Vietnam who died recently while trying to help gamblers cheat at an illegal gambling den. The story began…Read More

Silk Road FBI Bust Putting Cyber Criminals On Notice

In today’s murky world of cyber crime, it’s become a battle of who can out-hack who. And somewhat to the underworld’s surprise, the FBI is getting pretty darned good at out-hacking the hackers at their own game. Where once a few guys sat in an unmarked van and watched bad guys through one-way windows, today…Read More

Caesars Debt Restructuring More Like a Shell Game

Caesars Entertainment continues to study the White House debt management strategies, it would seem; namely, when you can’t pay off your debt, acquire more, move things around on paper like a shell game, and look like you’re taking action by filing a near-Obamacare sized document with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company just…Read More

Violence Nothing New for Las Vegas Bally’s Nightclub Shooter at Drai’s

A man with a history of violence at Las Vegas nightclubs brought it to a new level with what turned into a deadly shooting of a patron, and the wounding  of two security guards at Drai’s nightclub inside Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip in the wee hours of October 21. Authorities say that 41-year-old…Read More

Caesars Breaks Off with Gansevoort Over Alleged Russian Mob Ties

Nothing breaks off engagements faster these days in the gambling universe than even the hint of a whisper of some wrongdoing in one of the party’s dossiers; reason being, in the new strict and pure regulated environment of gambling, including land casinos that have interactive licenses to operate online, nobody wants any dirt on their…Read More

New York Gambling Ring Allegedly Behind Ohio Roulette Scam

A group of gamblers from the New York City area has allegedly been running roulette scams at four Ohio casinos over the last year, but it appears that their run is at an end. At least 13 individuals have been arrested as part of the scheme, and many more arrests could be coming in the…Read More

Local Culinary Union Berating Cosmopolitan Tourists in Las Vegas

UPDATE: October 25, 2013 – Following the release of these videos – where Culinary Union Local 226 members were seen regularly throwing epithets and verbal abuse at tourists entering the Cosmopolitan – the union’s protests have been put on hold until Nov. 1. The group encompasses some 55,000 bartenders, maids and food servers in Las Vegas,…Read More