Powerball Lottery Winner in Australia Pockets $60M Jackpot

Posted on: July 1, 2022, 07:20h. 

Last updated on: July 1, 2022, 01:38h.

An unidentified man living in Canberra, Australia won Australia’s Powerball Lottery jackpot totaling more than AU$60 million (US$40.77 million).

Australian Powerball Lottery Ticket
An Australian Powerball Lottery Ticket. One person just won $60M as the sole jackpot winner, among one the largest payouts this year. (Image: The Australian)

The man received a call alerting him to his jackpot on Thursday night. And because he had also chosen the PowerHit option, which hit, his prize grew by AU$700,000 (US$475,370).

Powerball 1363’s winning numbers were 22, 6, 1, 16, 17, 29, and 11. The Powerball number was 2. The unidentified father beat odds of approximately 1 in 134.5 million when he hit them all.

The winner stated that he plays the same numbers every day, drawing on good vibes from his family.

Lucky Summertime Gift

The man told The Lott on the call that he was going to retire as soon as possible in order to spend more time with his “many children.” He added that he will “pay off some debts and live debt-free.” Some of the money will also go toward a “long-overdue vacation” with his family.

I’m laughing. I’m lost for words. I’m pacing around. I can’t believe it… I’m going to have a heart attack,” said the latest Australian Powerball winner.

After four failed draws, this was the third-largest jackpot in any Australian lottery game this year. It came within range of the largest, an AU$63.3-million (US$43.03 million) pot this past February. However, it’s still not as big as the Mega Millions jackpot in the US, which is now at $360 million.

The winning numbers that appear most often in the draw, according to 7News, are 17, 2 and 9, while 31, 6, 33 and 34 are the least common. In addition, 19 is the most commonly drawn Powerball number, while 18 is the least-drawn Powerball. Five of the nine Powerball Division 1 wins have come out of New South Wales.

The Powerball resets itself after a big win. The next draw is worth AU$30 million (US$20.9 million).

Shelling Out the Big Bucks

Australian media reports that last year, 533 people won the jackpot across all lottery games in the country. This led to those winners taking in AU$1.5 billion (US$1.02 billion).

In many cases, around 50% of the winners use their fortune to help friends and family. Just more than 20% donate at least some of their winnings to charity. In addition, a small percentage like to keep the news under wraps, with 6% of the winners telling “absolutely no one.”

Helping friends and family, buying houses and taking vacations rank among the top uses for lottery winnings. However, according to The Lott’s Matthew Hart, there are also some odd requests. He told 7News that one person wanted to “re-turf his lawn,” while many others have a strange desire to buy Dyson vacuum cleaners.