Victoria Australia Named ‘Best Places to Buy Lotto Tickets’ By Lottery Operator

Posted on: December 17, 2021, 09:18h. 

Last updated on: December 17, 2021, 10:22h.

The Lott, an official lottery provider in Australia, recently released a report on the best locations to purchase lottery tickets. Victoria, in particular, stands significantly higher than the rest.

The Lott lottery ticket
This Australian lottery ticket could be a lucky winner. A new report by The Lott reveals what areas of Australia have won the most Division 1 lotteries this year. (Image: The Lott)

The report isn’t precisely a list of the best places. But rather, where more winners have been seen. Still, for those who like to play the odds, following the money is the best way to go.

The report covers all towns and suburbs in the country, according to Legal Gambling and the Law. Of all the Australian states, Victoria stands out, having found 131 winners of the national lottery this year.

Victoria saw a total of $358,354,516.90 (over US$256.43 million) in lottery winnings in 2021. One winner, from North Melbourne, collected $80 million (US$57.25 million) of that.

More Winners but Lower Winnings

Despite the massive amount Victoria residents collected and the number of winners there, the state wasn’t at the top in terms of total winnings.

New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are considered one area, and they accounted for $397,397,564.41 (US$284.37 million) of the winnings. 127 winning tickets were sold in both areas.

Queensland followed with $316,402,555.93 (US$226.3 million) in prize money. Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory ended with 63, 37, 16, and 6 winners, respectively.

All of the figures are only for Division 1 games and don’t include Division 2-6 winnings. Division 1 lotteries are played on Monday and Wednesday and require all six numbers to match to claim the big prize. According to The Lott, the odds of winning are 1 in 8,145,060.

Two Particular Zip Codes Extremely Successful

Residents of two zip codes appear to have better luck than others. Port Macquarie’s zip code of 2444 produced a winner for NSW. In Queensland, Kirwan and Thuringowa (both with a zip code of 4817) had added big winners, as well. One Queensland resident took home $60 million (US$42.88 million).

In addition to those zip codes, Victoria’s Altona Meadows, Melbourne, and Sunbury had three winners. Penrith and Wentworth Point in NSW, Western Australia’s Albany and Queensland’s Gladstone and Mackay each had three as well.

Tasmania’s Devenport and Burnie and South Australia’s Kilkenny also had two each.

Earlier this month, a resident of Edwardstown, South Australia found himself set for life. He decided to buy a ticket for The Lott’s Set for Life lottery after the numbers came to him “in a dream.” The dream came true, and he will now receive $20,000 (US$14,288) a month for the next 20 years.

It wasn’t an overnight success story, though. The numbers actually came to the winner years ago. But he stayed faithful to them until they hit on Dec. 5.