10 Things You Never Knew About Britain’s Highest Paid Boss

Bet365 Co-Founder and Chief Executive Denise Coates earned £217 million last year to officially become the highest paid British boss. Not the highest paid woman, the highest paid person in the entire country.

But just how much do you actually know about the 50 year old business supremo? Here are 10 things to help you learn a little bit more about this influential member of the Coates family.

Denise Coates, the co-founder of Bet365
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She Was Born On 26th September, 1967

Yes, Coates reached the half century mark this year. She came into this world at a time when Lyndon B. Johnson was the US President, England were the World Cup champions in football, and “The Last Waltz” by Engelbert Humperdinck was dominating the airwaves.

Her Personal Fortune Is £3.17 Billion

Coates has amassed a massive personal fortune thanks to her work with Bet365 over the past two decades.

Forbes magazine has listed her wealth at an estimated $4 billion and she is currently among the top 500 richest people in the world. Her closest female rival in terms of earnings is ITV and easyJet Chief Executive Carolyn McCall who earned £6.2 million last year.

Carolyn McCall, the chief executive of ITV and easyJet
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She Is Married to A Stoke City FC Director

It is probably no surprise to hear that Coates is married to Richard Smith, a director of Premier League football club Stoke City. The Coates family have had a long relationship with the club.

Peter Coates, the current chairman of Stoke City FC
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The family’s first period of ownership of the club was between 1989 and 1997. Peter Coates then entered into talks to take ownership of the club for a second time back in 2005. The Coates family have remained as owners ever since.

The Potters have since held a close affiliation with the Bet365 business through sponsorship deals and partnership agreements.

She Holds A 1st Class Degree in Econometrics From The University of Sheffield

Coates was not simply given a job within the family business straight out of high school. She earned the qualifications to attend the University of Sheffield.

In 1990, she graduated with a 1st Class degree in econometrics.

Her First Job Was in The Cashiers’ Department At Provincial Racing

Once again, Coates was not given a job right at the top. She was handed a position within the cashiers’ department at the family’s Provincial Racing betting shop empire.

In 1995, at 22 years old she was appointed as Managing Director of the betting shop estate in 1995 before the shops were sold to Coral as part of a £40 million deal back in 2005.

She Is a Commander of The Order of The British Empire

In 2012, Coates was awarded the honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire for her services to the community and business.

It is an achievement that has not yet been bestowed on her father Peter or her brother John.

Denise Coates receiving her honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire
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Coates Set Up the Bet365 Foundation That Has Donated Over £100 Million to UK Charities

The Bet365 Foundation was established by Coates in 2012. The aim was to set up an organisation that could support charitable projects both in the UK and abroad.

The foundation has so far managed to generate in excess of $100 million for a number of charities including Oxfam, Douglas Mcmillan Hospice, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, and St Joseph’s College.

She Created the Bet365.com Website In A Temporary Building In A Car Park

Bet365.com is now one of the leading online sports betting sites in the world. Revenues exceed £1.5 billion, it boasts more than 19 million customers, and employs over 3,000 people.

The Bet365 website homepage
Image Credit: betonworldcup.ca

However, the website came from humble beginnings. Coates took on the job of creating the website in a temporary building that was located in the car park of one of the former betting shop premises that were owned by her family.

Coates And Her Husband Adopted Four Children from The Same Family

Coates has kept herself out of the limelight for the duration of her career. Her private life has rarely been talked about in the press.

Interestingly, Coates and her husband Richard took the decision to adopt four children that belonged to the same family.

The four children were on top of another child that the couple have. It is not known if that fifth child was also adopted or born into the family.

She Was Listed as The World’s 2nd Richest Woman In The Tech Industry in 2016

In a remarkable achievement, Coates is officially recognised as the second richest woman in the world working within the tech industry. Her fortune is only behind Chinese smartphone entrepreneur Zhou Qunfei, whose personal wealth is listed at $6.4 billion.

Zhou Qunfei, the world's richest woman
Image Credit: medium.com