Our Most Useful Las Vegas Tip, Ever

We’re full of it. Las Vegas information, that is. But there’s one tidbit we consider the most useful of them all.

Las Vegas visitors and locals alike have wasted untold hours doing one thing: Searching for their cars. Casino parking lots are vast and labyrinthine, and locating your car after a day, or days, of revelry can be a challenge.

So, here’s what you do. Valet!

Actually, we almost never valet park. Here’s how we solve the parking issue. Every single time we park in a self-park garage in Las Vegas, we take a photo of the floor number with our smartphone. Then, when you emerge from your Las Vegas stupor, you’ll be able to find your wheels without wandering helplessly around a parking structure larger than most Third World countries.

This simple exercise has helped us avoid wasting time, gray hair and high blood pressure.

As you might suspect, there are smartphone apps which claim to help find your car, but they tend to only work if you’ve parked in a one-level lot, which almost never happens in Las Vegas.

So, snap a pic and rest easy in the knowledge you won’t have to beg a security guard for a drive-around or become the subject of a sitcom someday.