The Latest From Downtown’s Pawn Plaza

The new Pawn Plaza, an offshoot of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop made famous in “Pawn Stars,” is another step closer to its debut.

Pawn Plaza is a shopping and dining complex made of 18 modular “cubes,” inspired by the Downtown Container Park. All the cubes have been put into place, and the complex is starting to look like more than the sum of its parts.

Here’s the latest from the Pawn Plaza site, adjacent to the pawn shop which gets about 4,000 visitors each day.

Pawn Plaza
It’s been reported Pawn Plaza will cost $4 million, mainly because a lot of reporters are dopes and just pass along whatever they’re told like it’s true.

Now that the cubes have been put into place, the retail and dining spaces are moving in equipment in preparation for a July opening.

The first three tenants in Pawn Plaza will be Rick’s Rollin’ Smoke BBQ and Tavern, Smoke’s Poutinerie and Rita’s Italian Ice.

Pawn Plaza Las Vegas
We can exclusively report the arrival of “stuff.”

Pawn Plaza is expected to have 16 tenants in all.

We are personally rather excited to visit Pawn Plaza when it opens. Especially because when Rita hands us our Italian ice, we get to say, “This looks like Italian ice, but to make sure, I’m going to call in an expert.” Oh, how we’ll laugh. Right before we’re kicked out.