Skydiving Attraction in the Works at Downtown’s Neonopolis

A new thrill attraction is in the works for downtown’s Neonopolis mall.

In the jargon of the theme park and thrill ride industry, it looks freaking fun.

Downtown will soon have a new place to get your “Aieee!” on.

First word of the new experience comes to us via Jonathan Borchetta, co-owner of The Nerd at Neonopolis, who will operate the attraction. Borchetta was also co-founder of the recently-closed Voodoo Zipline at Rio.

The new attraction comes from Aerodium, a designer of vertical wind tunnels. The company is based in Latvia, which 98.4% of Americans could not locate on a map. We are one of those Americans.

We reached out to Aerodium to get more specifics about what’s headed to downtown Las Vegas.

First, there’s no timeline for when the attraction might open yet.

As for the vertical wind tunnel itself (we’re pretty sure is the first of its kind in Las Vegas), the model which will be on the roof of Neonopolis is described as “Open-air Permanent.”

That means it won’t be enclosed by walls, like Vegas Indoor Skydiving, a longtime attraction near the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Watch out, SlotZilla, there’s a new thrill ride coming to the neighborhood.

The wind tunnel, Aerodium’s model “O2s,” has a diameter of 8.4 feet. Flyers rise nearly 20 feet above the blowers.

The cost: A little more than $1.1 million. Not per ticket. For the whole thing. Please pay attention.

Ticket prices haven’t been announced. They’re still up in the air.

Here’s a helpful video, with lots of adorable accents.


The Aerodium rep says, “It is our latest open-air wind tunnel model with the most advanced airflow technology which results in the best flying experience for customers. It will give an opportunity to experience real flying for anyone who has ever dreamed of it. People will be able to fly for real under the blue skies. It is truly an exciting and unforgettable experience for both children and adults.”

Here’s another shot of the attraction from the Aerodium Web site.

On the bright side, insurance premiums can’t go through the roof if there’s no roof.

One guest flies at a time, plus an instructor. We trust the instructor is there to keep your ass from flying out of the thing.

Guests are given a comprehensive training session that lasts approximately 16 minutes.

Despite our fear of heights, this thing looks like a blast.

Borchetta also hinted at another project underway at Neonopolis. He plans to renovate the former Telemundo space to create a new bar, restaurant and concert hall. Details soon, he assures.

More to come, and you know we’ll be there for the installation and opening of the Aerodium skydiving experience at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas.

There’s a lot more about the contraption at the Aerodium Web site, so dive in.

Our prediction: This attraction is going to blow up.