Silverton, New York-New York and Fremont Get Carpet Upgrades

Casino carpets are a thing of beauty and many Las Vegas watchers are fanatical about their distinctive and utterly unique designs.

The designs of the carpets, not the designs of the Las Vegas watchers. That would be weird.

Silverton, New York-New York and Fremont casino have gotten carpet upgrades recently, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share them. The last thing we’d want to be is remiss.

Here’s what’s up (technically, down) at Silverton.

New and fresh on the left, old and useless on the right. Just like politics. If only photo captions could duck.


It’s a common myth casino carpets are bright and busy to keep guests looking at slot machines.

The truth is casino carpets are designed to conceal wear and stains.

As mentioned, each casino’s carpeting is unique to that casino. It’s an extension of the brand, and there are obsessive carpet nerds who can identify a casino with no other clues than the carpeting.

Here’s another look at how the carpeting is brightening up the casino floor at Silverton.

You either get Vegas or you don’t. This is spectacular.

The Silverton’s hotel has been closed for a renovation for some time, but the hotel is set to reopen Oct. 2, 2023.

On to New York-New York!

New York-New York now has what is probably the most on-brand casino carpeting in Las Vegas, featuring the Empire State Building, Lady Liberty and some sort of bridge, enduring symbols of the Big Apple.

Yes, the Big Apple is still big despite shrinkflation.

Our hope is they didn’t swap out the 69 design in high limit.

Here’s another look at the transition.

The carpeting upgrade at Fremont casino continues as well.

The downtown casino has been upgrading its casino floor in phases, and the carpeting has been replaced along the way.

In other carpeting news, we’ve already spoiled the surprise about what the carpeting will look like at Fontainebleau. The new resort opens in Dec. 2023.

We’re pretty sure this carpeting is in the hotel, as opposed to the casino, but still. Fancy.

We also ruined Durango’s surprise. The off-Strip casino is scheduled to open November 20, 2023.

It’s worth noting Plaza tweaked its carpeting for a new smoke-free slot area.

Plaza’s casino carpeting has always been cheesily glorious, but there was some issue related to copyright when new carpeting was needed, so the design had to be tweaked for the new casino space. Still both glorious and cheesy, thankfully.

If you haven’t been to Horseshoe (Bally’s), you’ll want to note the new carpeting in that casino, too.

The carpeting at Horseshoe varies depending upon where you are.

Don’t look now, but you, too, are a Las Vegas casino carpet nerd!

Your certificate of nerdery is in the mail.

Yes, people still mail things.

This is not one of them.