Rampart Casino and JW Marriott Las Vegas Lay Off Majority of Staff

Rampart Casino and JW Marriott, a popular locals casino and hotel, have terminated the majority of their employees previously furloughed.

JW Marriott Rampart Casino
We’ve always enjoyed the joint.

Many of the laid off employees were informed via a mass voicemail, according to some affected.

It’s believed just 200 of about 1,700 employees remain for the foreseeable future.

Rubbing salt in the wound, insiders have been told Rampart Casino and JW Marriott may not reopen until October 2020, at the earliest.

Rampart layoffs
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Rampart Casino and JW Marriott are located in Summerlin, about 20 minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip.

JW Marriott, with 469 rooms and 79 suites, is owned and operated by Hotspur Resorts.

The resort has faced financial struggles in the past, but this is obviously a whole new level of pain.