Queen Victoria Pub at Riviera Becomes Wicked Vicky Tavern, Plus a Game Room

Let’s play a game. First, check out Queen Victoria Pub, formerly at Riviera Las Vegas.

Queen Victoria's Pub
Oh, the memories we’d have had if we’d ever visited.

Now, take a look at Wicked Vicky Tavern at Riviera Las Vegas.

Wicked Vicky Tavern
This blog doesn’t judge you, Vicky.

See the difference? Answer: There’s a new sign!

That’s right, Riviera doesn’t quite seem to know what it wants to do with its troubled restaurant space, but different must be better, right? Just ask Hugh Hefner.

The new Wicked Vicky Tavern is just off the main casino floor, and offers up tavern fare and 100 beers, according to the official Wicked Vicky Web site.

This space has had its ups and downs. When it was Queen Victoria Pub, the restaurant shut down in April, 2013, then opened again, with the same name, in June 2013. In Oct., Queen Victoria Pub was closed for good, and Wicked Vicky Tavern quickly took its place.

There’s a spacious adjoining dining room, with walls covered with TV screens.

Let's brace ourselves for another name change in 3...2...
Where there’s a bar, there’s hope.

There are quite a few beer-based specialty drinks at Wicked Vicky, called “Beertails.” The Bells & Wells, for example, has Crown Royal Maple whiskey, Wells Banana Bread Beer and Crabbies Ginger Beer. Now, you know where to get Crabbies in Las Vegas! Hey, somebody had to say it.

One thing that has changed with the opening of Wicked Vicky Tavern is the addition of a play room, with darts, beer pong and pool tables.

We'd hang out here. We enjoy our alone time.
We’d hang out here. We enjoy our alone time.

The darts and beer pong and pool tables would probably be a blast were it not for the fact they’re a dozen feet from a Las Vegas casino, but different strokes.

We wouldn't use the word "lively," exactly.
We wouldn’t use the word “lively,” exactly.

Wicked Vicky Tavern seems a fairly welcoming place to eat and drink at Riviera, and if you were a fan of the Queen Victoria Pub, you should feel right at home.

Because, you know, it’s the same place, but with a new sign.