Las Vegas Quiz: What’s Big, Beautiful and Has Seven Balls?

Answer: It’s our very own international tourist attraction in-the-making, the Las Vegas High Roller Ferris wheel.

Installation of the High Roller’s passenger cabins is moving along at a brisk pace, with seven cabins in place.

High Roller observation wheel Las Vegas
They’re not tumors, they’re not tumors at all.

Because of the enormous scale of the High Roller, at 550-feet tall, you sort of lose perspective when it comes to the size of these passenger cabins, but each one holds 40 riders and is 22 feet in diameter.

We want to touch these sexy protuberances.
We want to caress these sexy protuberances.

Ultimately, the High Roller observation wheel will hold 28 cabins, each costing about $1 million.

The first three-in-a-row configuration.
The first three-in-a-row configuration.

You’ll want to check out our borderline-obsessive coverage of the High Roller Ferris wheel construction, because if you’re not online, you’ll have to spend more time with your kids, and nobody wants that.

High Roller Ferris wheel Las Vegas
The answer to the question, “How’s it hanging, High Roller?”

Two more spanking-new cabins are on-site, awaiting their spot on the High Roller’s rim.

You ready to ride?