Marinelli’s Italian Restaurant Closes at M Resort

One of our favorite Italian restaurants in Las Vegas has closed, Marinelli’s at M Resort, about 15 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Italian Restaurant Marinelli's
Change is the only constant in Las Vegas. Well, that and well-earned regret.

Construction is already underway in the Marinelli’s space (see below), because that’s how Las Vegas rolls.

Las Vegas Italian Restaurant Marinelli's construction
What, you thought our security breaches were limited to The Strip?

Marinelli’s will be replaced by a new restaurant from the winner of the reality series, “Restaurant Express.” Read more about “Restaurant Express” with Food Network star Robert Irvine. Our friends at Eater Vegas think Jayde Fuzion is the likely name of the new eatery.

The new restaurant will open mid-December, 2013.

There's no doubt what's coming to the Marinelli's space at M Resort.
There’s no doubt what’s coming to the Marinelli’s space at M Resort.

Although we’ll miss a favorite Las Vegas Italian restaurant, the new Jayde Fuzion restaurant will occupy a sweet spot at M Resort. The restaurant overlooks the hotel’s pool. The pool area also serves as a concert venue throughout the year. (Insider tip: Time your dinner reservations to coincide with concerts at the pool. Free entertainment!)

Fans of Marinelli’s aren’t completely S.O.L., thankfully. Some of the restaurant’s dishes will be served at the new Marinelli’s Pasta Bar which opens Nov. 14, 2013. Now you know where to find this blog on Nov. 14, 2013.

The pasta bar takes the place of Anthony’s Oyster Bar, mainly because oysters are disgusting.

It's all fun and games at M Resort until somebody puts an eye out.
It’s all fun and games at M Resort until somebody puts an eye out.

Learn more on the M Resort Web site. We will miss you, Marinelli’s. Our thighs, not so much.