LVH Will Soon Confirm Conversion to Timeshares, Only Move That Could Make It Even More Boring

Just when you thought LVH (Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) couldn’t be more boring, the troubled hotel is about to prove us all wrong. LVH will soon be sold and its rooms will be converted to timeshare units.

LVH officials have been tight-lipped about the sale, but it’s happening and the hotel’s new owner, Westgate Resorts, will begin selling timeshare units in October, 2014.

LVH becoming a timeshare hotel means more timeshare salespersons in Las Vegas, we said, slashing violently at our wrists.

Westgate is the same company that operated, and lost, PH Towers Westgate at Planet Hollywood when the economy tanked. PH Towers is now the Elara.

The folks involved with Westgate were featured in a sad, disturbing film, “The Queen of Versailles,” which gives this Las Vegas blog zero confidence in Westgate’s ability to do anything other than bring even more meh to the house Elvis made famous.

The aging LVH hotel was built in 1969, and originally opened as The International. Rumor has it Westgate paid $170 million for LVH. Read more from our buddy Norm Clarke.