Grand Bazaar Shops Project is Why the Las Vegas Strip Needs an HOA

Las Vegas does so much right, it’s truly painful to see it doing something very, very wrong.

Some flair at the Grand Bazaar Shops shopping center outside Bally’s Las Vegas is being installed, and all our deepest fears are coming true, right before our traumatized eyes.

Grand Bazaar Shops
We are so, so sorry for sharing this.

We took lots of photos of this eyesore-in-the-making in a failed attempt to acclimate to the hemorrhage of hues, but to no avail.

Grand Bazaar Shops
On the bright side, Hemorrhage of Hues would make a pretty good band name.

The Grand Bazaar Shops shopping complex is scheduled to open before the end of 2014 and will presumably have 150 retailers. Then again, if a merciful God exists, it’s possible He could intercede with a lightning strike or two. Hey, we can dream.

Grand Bazaar Shops
A virtual kaleidoscope of WTF.

In a residential neighborhood, this is where an HOA would enter the picture. Home Owners Associations, after all, have a mandate to “enhance livability, safety, welfare and interests of the owners.”

In other words, you don’t get to paint your house purple. In the case of the Grand Bazaar Shops, you don’t get to foist a garish monstrosity on the millions of people who stroll up and down The Strip each year, and you certainly don’t get to spoil the view of everyone in a fountain-facing room at Bellagio, just across the street.

Grand Bazaar Shops
From the looks of it, these color patches could easily be peeled right off. Fingers crossed.

Maybe there’s something we’re not seeing? Maybe we’re like one of those critics who didn’t get Van Gogh’s art when he was alive.

Then again, maybe this.

Grand Bazaar Shops
Tell us more about these class action lawsuits.

Here are more photos of The Strip’s latest attempt to terrorize children and traumatize feral cats. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Grand Bazaar Shops Update