Fremont Casino Renovation Update, Plus Exclusive Renderings

The $50 million renovation and expansion of downtown’s Fremont casino is under way, and we’ve got an update and exclusive renderings of where the project is headed.

We passed by the work being done at Fremont casino and there’s been a lot of progress, including the steel framework of a new structure jutting north toward Pizza Rock and Downtown Grand.

If you thought this story would fail to use the term “new erection,” you don’t know this blog at all.

It appears plans for a new Fremont hotel tower have been nixed, as this was where it was originally supposed to go.

Instead, the Fremont will get an expanded casino floor, a new food court and sports book. We told you about the food court back in February, of course.

While details have been light about this project, we ferreted out some renderings you won’t see anywhere else!

While not technically part of the Fremont expansion (paid for by Boyd Gaming), the project includes beautification of the walkway between Fremont Street and Ogden Ave.

Fun fact: This rendering was captured by a rendering of a drone.

The work will include new greenery and other enhancements to this walkway (see more below).

Downtown Grand has been pushing for embellishments to this stretch for years, essentially to try and lure foot traffic away from Fremont Street. It appears they’ll finally get their wish.

Here’s the spot where the walkway meets Fremont Street.

It’s something.

A big plus for Downtown Grand (and other businesses in this part of downtown, including Hogs & Heifers, Triple George and others) is the fact the walkway upgrade will be paid for by the City of Las Vegas.

We suspect that has to do with the fact the Mob Museum is nearby, and the Mob Museum was created, in large part, due to the efforts of former Mayor Oscar Goodman. Oscar Goodman’s wife, Carolyn, is the current mayor. It doesn’t take a detective to see how things work in Las Vegas.

Downtown Grand has long wanted to find a way to get customers away from Fremont Street. The other direction, not so much.

Something needs to be done with this area as it’s a popular hang-out for derelicts and panhandlers.

A good portion of the walkway is within the footprint of the expansion project. Here’s how it looks at the moment.

From the renderings, this part of the Fremont casino is going to change dramatically, making it easier for guests to get in and out.

Downtown Grand has really let its buildings go, and the windows are covered with graffiti. At one point, Hooters expressed interest in leasing this building, but their plans for an outdoor patio was rejected, so Hooters bailed.

Come on, Downtown Grand. Try.

This whole area will get a boost from the Fremont project, as it appears the new structure will create another entrance to the casino, on the east side of the building.

Boyd Gaming says “no comment” to any of this, but the Fremont expansion is taking shape and we’ll keep an eye on it for you.

Rumors of budget overages abound, but that’s for the bean counters to sort out.

We like new and shiny, and this project has plenty.