Ellis Island Casino Serves Up Lots of Surprises

The smallish Ellis Island casino may not be much to look at, especially when it’s overshadowed by the towering hotel-casinos on The Strip, and many Vegas visitors pass it by, if they notice it at all. Ellis Island is definitely worth a stop, and here are some reasons why.

The casino’s full name is actually Ellis Island Casino & Brewery. As the name suggests, this nondescript casino has within its walls a full-blown microbrewery. By volume, in fact, it’s the largest brewery in Nevada.

Ellis Island
No skinny dipping in the beer, sorry.

Brewing its own beer, on-site, means the taps at the Ellis Island’s bars dispense some of the freshest, coldest beer possible. Bonus: A 20 ounce, hand-crafted beer is just $2.25. Talk about a value.

Free tours of the casino’s brewery are available upon request.

Beer, of course, starts with the grain, and guests are often surprised to hear the Ellis Island sign they’ve passed so often actually holds a silo containing the grain used in the brewing process.

Ellis Island
The Ellis Island sign doubles as a silo. Or the other way around.

Here’s a weird Ellis Island brewery fact: One of the filters used in the beer-making process utilizes fossilized skeletons of ancient microscopic creatures.

Bonus fact: Just one of the fermentation tanks in the brewery holds enough beer to fill about 9,300 glasses.

Another delicious surprise at Ellis Island is its renowned barbeque. For years, the casino served up its lip-smacking barbeque outdoors. The BBQ developed a cult following, so Ellis Island opened a restaurant devoted to ribs, chicken and other carnivore-friendly dishes.

Ellis Island BBQ
Lip smacking good. Although we’ve never understood the smacking thing. Just lick, already.

The value is undeniable. The cost of a full slab of ribs is just $15, or just $12.99 for members of the casino’s players’ club. The BBQ at Ellis Island is not to be missed!

Ellis Island BBQ
No frills, but lots of mad BBQ skills.

The Ellis Island BBQ restaurant is open 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day. Ellis Island is located at 4178 Koval Lane, one block south of the Flamingo.

Oh, and the casino’s games of chance are pretty great, too. Sorry, we got distracted by the meat and hooch. Which, we might add, would make a title for a buddy movie.

Ellis Island Brewery Las Vegas