Dream Hotel Approved Despite Awkward Proximity to Airport

Dream Hotel Group announced plans for a hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip back in 2000.

Now, the 19-story, 526-room hotel has been approved by County officials despite being upwards of a dozen feet from the airport.

Dream Las Vegas will be located between the Pinball Hall of Fame and next to the Harley-Davidson dealership, near the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Dream Las Vegas hotel
Small, sexy and a stone’s throw from the airport. Please, not literally. Unless you’ve always wanted a visit from serious guys in dark glasses representing various federal law enforcement agencies.

Dream’s approval wasn’t without its detractors on the County Commission. Singular, actually. Just one Clark County Commissioner voted against the project, Ross Miller.

Most of the concerns were related to what’s known in the safety and security industry as “Things That Could Go Seriously Bad.” You know, the kind of things popular with dipshits, including illegal drone flying, shootings, lasers that could give pilots “flash blindness” and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device attacks.

Undeterred by the concerns voiced by experts at Homeland Security, the FBI, Transportation Security Administration and Secret Service, the folks at Dream say they’ll break ground in mid-2022.

Developers say Dream Las Vegas would open in late 2024.

Dream Las Vegas is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $500 million.

Dream hotel Vegas
This angle makes Dream look a lot more svelte. This one goes on Instagram.

Personally, we think they’re nuts. A stand-alone (translation: no database) boutique hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has “What were they thinking?” written all over it.

Given all the security concerns, who’s going to insure this place?

Unreported, other than by this blog, is a funny-sad story related to Dream’s neighbor, the Pinball Hall of Fame.

During construction of the new Pinball Hall of Fame, the assessor botched marking the boundary of the parcel. When the $10 million structure was completed, owners realized the building extended eight feet too far south, onto the parcel slated for Dream Las Vegas.

Dream site Las Vegas
This is the Dream site next to the Pinball Hall of Fame. Slightly less sexy than the renderings, but give it time.

The matter remains unresolved, but we’re hopeful Dream Las Vegas will do the right thing for the Pinball Hall of Fame, a beloved Las Vegas nonprofit.

We like shiny, new things, so we’d love to see Dream Las Vegas move forward.

Developers say steps are being taken to deter any potential asshattery, and our appetite for Dream is whet!

It took a minute, but we finally got to make a “whet Dream” joke.

Reminder: It’s consistency, not predictability. Big difference.