BTS Sells Out Four Allegiant Shows Before Tickets Available to Public

We aren’t entirely sure when it happened, but we love us some BTS.

Also, there’s a reasonable chance you have no idea who or what BTS is.

BTS is a Korean band consisting of seven really talented singers and dancers. You sometimes hear BTS referred to as a “boy band,” but they’re all in their mid-20s.

We know what you’re thinking. We thought the same thing. We were wrong.

Today we learned BTS stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan,” which translates as “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” In 2017, the band’s people decided BTS stands for “Beyond the Scene.”

The group’s latest step toward world domination is selling out four concerts at Allegiant Stadium before the tickets were even made available to the public. The sold-out dates are April 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2022.

Allegiant holds 65,000 people for sporting events, but will accommodate about 50,000 for these shows due to the stage configuration.

In the vernacular of the street, that’s a metric crap-ton of tickets.

We knew BTS is popular, because we love them and our musical tastes tend to be stalled around 1985, but damn.

All 200,000 tickets were scooped up by BTS fans, known as the “BTS Global Official Fanclub Army.”

Oh, and scalpers. Who we should probably be nice to if we want to get tickets to BTS, which we do.

We mostly want to go to a BTS concert to hear them perform “Dynamite,” a song that’s been viewed 1.4 billion times on YouTube. Most of those views were us.


The success of BTS in America is all the more remarkable when you consider the fact the guys probably don’t know what the lyrics they’re singing in English actually mean. (Kim “RM” Namjoon is the only member of the band who speaks English fluently. He taught himself English by watching “Friends.”)

Who cares if they know how to pronounce “LeBron”? The group’s songs are addictive and, in combination with flawless dancing, BTS is a perfect fit for Las Vegas. Which is why we’ve been asking for a residency for ages. For whatever reason, BTS is not returning our calls. Whatever.

As is the ritual with popular shows, tickets can now only be purchased at inflated prices on reseller sites like Stubhub and Seat Geek. A quick check of Stubhub shows ticket prices from $271 to just north of $18,000.

That sound you hear is us rummaging around under our sofa cushions.

Fans can also catch BTS at MGM Grand Garden Arena where their live performance will be streamed in real time. Which is weird, but hey, Capitalism.

There aren’t a lot of acts that can sell out Allegiant Stadium for one show, much less four. And virtually none can do it without making tickets available to the public.

Thousands of visitors will be coming to town for BTS, which is great for hotels and casinos and restaurants and us, because more people will be Googling Las Vegas search terms and we pretty much own all of them.

We’ll keep asking BTS about a residency, but we’re going to have to learn more about these so-called “restraining orders.”

In the meantime, let’s karaoke with BTS and K-pop ambassador James Corden.