Binion’s Cafe Gets Naked for Major Overhaul

One of our favorite burger spots, at one of Sin City’s most iconic hotels, Binion’s, is getting a major facelift. The casino’s cafe will be doubled in size.

We’d love to share some photos of the work-in-progress, but that would be a security breach, which we’re against. Definitely. As evidenced by the photos below.

Binion's construction
Yes, the drywall is blue. The new cafe will not be blue. It’s Binion’s. You can’t be baby blue and rootin’ tootin’ at the same time.

We didn’t actually expect the cafe to be stripped down to its bare bones, but that’s what’s happening.

Binion's Cafe
That was where the counter and grill used to be. Never fear, the world’s most seasoned grill will be back, along with a newer model, as well as a new pizza oven.

The new cafe is expected to have a western theme, with an exterior similar to that of the nearby Benny’s Bullpen, with its dark wood and bricks motif. The interior will feature western appointments like saddle leather-inspired furniture.

Binion's Cafe
The new cafe will be enclosed by walls. This will help keep the loudness and smoke out, among other things.

During the construction, the cafe has been moved downstairs, and at times the place is booming. The pent-up demand will be unleashed upon the new cafe in just a few weeks.

Binion's Cafe
We appear to have reached our security breach quota for the day.

Thanks to Binion’s for not detaining us, although we were disappointed we didn’t get to take advantage of the free body cavity search this time. More updates to come.