10 Ways Las Vegas is Better Than Sex

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, a day of romance. And by “romance,” of course, we mean sex!

And what’s better than sex? Las Vegas!

Don’t believe it? We’re here to help. Here are 10 ways Las Vegas is better than sex.

Las Vegas romance
Your skepticism is duly noted.

1. There’s No Begging Required to Get Some Las Vegas

No begging. No groveling. No wooing. Just book a flight and grab a room, and Vegas is yours for the taking.

2. No One’s Ever Been Arrested for Offering a Police Officer Las Vegas

If you offer a law enforcement official Las Vegas, in fact, you’ll not only not be arrested, you’ll be their hero.

Mob Museum
Head to the Las Vegas Mob Museum for all you need to know about crime and punishment in Sin City.

3. You Can Watch TV and Take Phone Calls In the Middle of Las Vegas

Some people are so touchy in the throes of making sweet love. Las Vegas doesn’t care. Watch TV, take a call, do your nails. No problem.

4. Enjoying Las Vegas in Public is Perfectly Acceptable

Las Vegas has tons of wide open spaces, and there’s not a single law on the books that prohibits you from enjoying Las Vegas out in public. Oh, and you can pretty much make all the noise you’d like.

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon is just a few miles off the Las Vegas Strip, and it has nearly an unlimited supply of outside.

5. You Don’t Need Another Person to Enjoy Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great getaway whether you’re with another person or not. So, take matters into your own hands and do Vegas alone. We promise you won’t grow hair on your palms.

6. There’s No Need to Apologize For Leaving Las Vegas Prematurely

Hey, it happens even to the best of us. Sometimes, you have to leave before you’d planned. No apologies necessary. Just come again soon.

Drive carefully sign
Stay a little longer next time, if you know what we’re saying.

7. When You’re Done With Las Vegas, There’s No Guilt

They didn’t make up that “What happens here stays here” slogan for nothing. Do Vegas as hard as you’d like, and return home guilt-free.

8. It’s Legal to Bring Animals to Las Vegas

There are lots of pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, so bring them along! No bail bondsman required.

happy dog
A visit to Vegas? Lucky dog.

9. Las Vegas Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Spoon or Call

Las Vegas knows you love it, so need to jump through hoops when you’re done.

10. In Las Vegas, It’s All About You

Unlike some pursuits, in Las Vegas, you get to make it all about you. Indulge. Be selfish. In Vegas, you’re the center of the universe.

Starting to see why Las Vegas is consistently named the sexiest city in America?

So, happy Valentine’s Day from Las Vegas, the most romantic city on Earth. Or at least something that feels very much like romance, anyway.