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Real Time Gaming online casino software is one of the top three casino software providers, running some of the major casino sites on the internet. Real time gaming, or RTG for short, is always releasing new slots and table game variations, making the Real Time Gaming online casinos favorites among regular online casino players.

RTG has been around for a long time. They started off years ago with a somewhat shaky reputation when there were two major Real Time Casinos exposed as having fraudulent problems and security that was not up to par. In the world of online casinos, that can leave a serious scar, and make players hesitant to trust again. However, since then, RTG software has really cleaned up their act and gone out of their way to prove to players that the Real Time Gaming online casinos are not only good, but the best. RTG is now associated with some of the biggest gambling brands in the world, powering their online casinos. The #1 RTG online casino we came across in our vast search for the best sites is and it is definitely a reliable choice. Because of their new strong partnerships with these large gaming properties, RTG has gained back its industry reputation of running on top of the line reputable casinos.

Our Top Rated Real Time Gaming Casinos

Number one rated Casino
Top Rated US Casino

$5000 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 1-2 days
  • Win Rate: 97.92%
  • Support:

  • Selection of over 130 games
  • Best Choice for US players
  • Amazing first deposit bonus
  • Excellent game selection

Deposit Options

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$4500 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 2-4 days
  • Win Rate: 97.89%
  • Support:

  • Fast & Secure Payouts
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Mobile Compatible Gaming
  • US Players Accepted

Deposit Options

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$3000 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 1-2 days
  • Win Rate: 97.88%
  • Support:

  • Huge welcome offer
  • Fast payouts
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Solid game selection

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  • $1500 Bonus
  • 97.87% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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  • $500 Bonus
  • 97.84% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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Top Real Time Gaming Casino

A major feature that keeps gamblers coming back to RTG time and time again is there awesome game selection - after all, that's why you play, right? All of the Real Time Gaming online casinos have over 100 games to choose from. They are also known for their huge selection of video slot machines, and some of their slots are so unique that some casino players refuse to play on anything but an RTG casino.

Real time gaming continues to be a top casino software provider by having very detailed games, new game releases and very popular and unique slots. Real Time Gaming takes their job so seriously, they vow to act as mediators between players and the Real Time Gaming online casinos if ever an issue arises. That is a solid customer service unparalleled in nearly any industry, let alone online casinos. By choosing one of our top rated RTG online casinos you have our assurance of the greatest graphics and playing ease, as well as quick payouts and big bonuses. You can be doubly sure you will have a great experience. Our quality assurance and high standards means you know that when you pick one of our Real Time Gaming online casinos, you're getting the best of the best.

US players will especially appreciate Real Time Gaming online casinos as they are one of the foremost casino gaming site platforms that accept all players worldwide, including players from the United States.

There are always a lot of players on the Real Time Gaming casino sites. Lots of players mean lots of promotions and high progressive jackpots. Having so many diverse international players also makes the community more fun and broadens your experience by giving you a lot of fun banter during games that allow more than one player. You can chat in real time with other players from all over the world when you play the games at Real Time Gaming.

Real Time Gaming is famous for its fast game play and having a high level of graphic quality and realistic casino play. You will feel like you’re in a live casino right in your living room when playing all of your favorite games like craps, roulette, blackjack or any of the games you love.

Get started now and be on your way to winning real money at Real Time Gaming casinos. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you can get started now and work your way up to professional levels quickly. You can’t win if you don’t play.

Real Time Gaming FAQ

Who are Real Time Gaming?

Real Time Gaming, or their more familiar acronym RTG, are a casino software company who make a huge bulk of your favorite games in your preferred online casino. How do I know this? Because the games are some of the best out there, of course!

The company has come from strength to strength, after a rocky start. But that means the company is working harder than most to prove their worth to the gambling community. And, boy, do they have a lot to show for it!

Nowadays, they are one of the top brands for casino gaming in the world, with a range of incredible games and enticing bonuses for new and loyal players.

What games are they responsible for?

RTG make a lot of Slot games, including wide area progressives, but they also offer traditional games like BlackJack, Keno, and other table games.

Which ones are popular?

RTG are popular for their Slots - they offer 88 paylines and have themes ranging from sports to space ships - so they keep everyone happy.

Where can I play them online?

You can gamble with RTG in a registered casino - but don't get go for any old one you find on Google. Make sure that the casino you choose has excellent customer service, fantastic welcome bonuses and offers free spins when you sign up. What's that you say? Yes, very much like the safe and legal RTG casinos listed on this page!

How can I win?

You need to be savvy in the casino to make sure that you aren't throwing your cash away. We recommend reading up on good casino practices, staying sober while you are gaming and never betting over your bankroll limit. Another good practice is of course to bet in casinos that are legal, safe and recommended by the gambling community.

How do they compare to other software providers?

Real Time Gaming are comparable in size to Microgaming, Playtech and the other huge software giants in online gambling. They provide popular, well-loved games and easy to use casino software.

Are they trusted?

RTG are now trusted by the majority of online gamblers, though there will always be those who find it hard to shake away a bad first impression, despite it all being cleared up by now. Of course, RTG would never do anything to associate themselves with that bad name again, as they wouldn't want to risk their new and improved reputation - so are now very trustworthy.

Are the games rigged?

The games are tested regularly by us and by the gambling authorities to ensure their fairness and legality. So, no, we can safely say, they are not rigged.