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Okto cashless

Okto Joins European Casino Assn. to Advance Digital Payment Efforts

Okto, a digital payment application and platform, is aligning itself with the European Casino Association. The goal is to further the reach of digital...

Erik Gibbs April 15, 2022
CoD Manila

Melco Resorts to Use AI to Count Chips, Enhance Loyalty Program in Manila

Melco Resorts and Entertainment is going to count on artificial intelligence (AI) to count its chips. The casino operator is bringing in an AI-based...

Erik Gibbs April 13, 2022
DraftKings NFT

DraftKings Launches New NFT Series in Advance of NCAA Tournament

DraftKings is capitalizing on the NCAA Tournament to introduce a new line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Boston-based gaming company said today it rolled...

Todd Shriber March 15, 2022