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$717 Billion US Defense Bill Orders Screening of Military Personnel for Problem Gambling

National Defense Authorization Act

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump signed into the law the $717 billion National Defense Authorization Act, describing it as “the most significant investment in our military and warfighters in modern history.” While the bill authorizes the Pentagon to splurge on the “finest planes, and ships and tanks and missiles,” according to Trump, it also…Read More

Australia Proposes Prison Terms for Athletes Passing Insider Information to Bookmakers


Tough new sports integrity rules proposed by Australia’s federal sports minister Bridget McKenzie would see athletes who collude with bookmakers fined or imprisoned following a trial in a new “national sports court.” The proposals follow the recommendations of a government-backed report into the risks facing Australian sports, published this week. The report advocates making match-fixing…Read More

Japanese Gamblers Spend $200 Billion Per Year on Pachinko, But Figures Fail to Tell the Whole Story


Japan’s pachinko industry has been in decline since its mid-2000s heyday, but while the country braces itself for the advent of an international casino industry, new figures suggest its favorite homegrown gambling pursuit is still raking in the cash. Business Insider said this week that Japanese citizens gamble $200 billion per year in the country’s…Read More

Gambling and Sin Taxes ‘Unreliable’ Revenue Stream for States, Says Pew Report

Sin Taxes

As lawmakers across America spend the idle summer months plotting bold, deficit-plugging gambling expansion bills for the 2019 legislative session, it may be wise to use the summer recess for some essential reading. More states than ever before are likely to be debating gambling bills next year, thanks to the US Supreme Court’s decision to…Read More

Smoke-Free Casino Issues Revisited After Iowa 10-Year Study Shows No Adverse Affects on Businesses

Rat Pack smoking

The pros and cons of smoke-free casinos have been bandied about for eons, but now a new study may shed additional light on whether or not it would actually impact gaming revenues to make casinos entirely nonsmoking. A decade worth of recently released smoke-free data in Iowa could catch the attention of clean air advocates…Read More

Nearly One in Two Millennials Find Casinos Depressing, Favor Online Gambling Legalization

millennial casinos gambling Las Vegas

Millennials aren’t too high on traditional land-based casinos, as a new study reports that nearly one in two Americans in the 18- to 34-year-old demographic find such venues depressing. YouGov, a data research firm based in London, says 47 percent of US millennials agreed with the statement that casinos are depressing. That exceeds the 41…Read More

Health Research Paper Involving Pachinko Parlors and ‘Mildly Erotic Nurses’ Ruffles Academic Feathers

Pachinko research

A University of Tokyo study that unleashed “young women wearing mildly erotic nurses’ costumes” on the socioeconomically underprivileged denizens of Japan’s pachinko parlors has caused a stink in the halls of academia and laid its authors open to accusations of chauvinism. The title of the of the paper is as unsexy as they come. “Affective…Read More