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Nearly One in Two Millennials Find Casinos Depressing, Favor Online Gambling Legalization

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Millennials aren’t too high on traditional land-based casinos, as a new study reports that nearly one in two Americans in the 18- to 34-year-old demographic find such venues depressing. YouGov, a data research firm based in London, says 47 percent of US millennials agreed with the statement that casinos are depressing. That exceeds the 41…Read More

Health Research Paper Involving Pachinko Parlors and ‘Mildly Erotic Nurses’ Ruffles Academic Feathers

Pachinko research

A University of Tokyo study that unleashed “young women wearing mildly erotic nurses’ costumes” on the socioeconomically underprivileged denizens of Japan’s pachinko parlors has caused a stink in the halls of academia and laid its authors open to accusations of chauvinism. The title of the of the paper is as unsexy as they come. “Affective…Read More