Today’s Las Vegas Panty-Dropper Cocktail

It’s our ongoing mission to seek out some of the most seductive cocktails in Las Vegas to provide you and your special someone a little social lubrication.

In this installment, it’s the magnificent “Hemingway Visits Asia” at Twist restaurant and bar in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. No, the Mandarin doesn’t have a casino, but after you try this cocktail, all will be forgiven.

Prepare to have your tongue enveloped by awesome.
Soon, your tongue will be awash in awesome.

Here’s what’s in this delectable intoxicant: Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, Cedilla Açai liqueur, Luxardo Cherry liqueur, lime juice and a splash of grapefruit.

Bonus trivia: A “cedilla” is a “ç” with a little tail, as in the word “Açai” (pronounced ah-sigh-ee, by the way.) Honestly, what visit to Las Vegas wouldn’t be improved by a little tail?

The Hemingway Visits Asia cocktail will set you back $18, but remember: 1) it’s the Mandarin Oriental, 2) the view is incredible at Twist, 3) did we mention the panty-dropping part?

You’re welcome.