Source: Laurel Lounges Won’t Return to Caesars Entertainment Casinos

It’s been a lingering question: When will Laurel Lounges reopen at Caesars Entertainment resorts in Las Vegas?

Thanks for asking. The answer is: Don’t be surprised if they don’t.

Our high-level source at Caesars Entertainment says Laurel Lounges in Las Vegas won’t be back. As in permanently closed.

Note: This hasn’t been officially announced or confirmed, so there’s always hope, but it’s fading fast. Casinos are returning to 100% capacity, mask requirements are done, but still no peep about Lauren Lounges. Now, you know why.

Change happens. Caesars Rewards were once Total Rewards.

Here’s the backstory.

Laurel Lounges used to be called Diamond Lounges.

Those who attained Diamond tier or above in the Caesars Entertainment loyalty club could hang out in these lounges, get free drinks and snacks.

Laurel Lounges closed during the pandemic, presumably because the snacks were served buffet-style, but many assumed they’d be back.

Caesars started giving guests drink coupons to tide them over, and it now seems these coupons are set to replace Laurel Lounges altogether.

Diamond Plus and Diamond Elite members get four coupons for free drinks a day (the value of each drink can’t exceed $20). In addition, Seven Stars tier members also receive a food coupon valued up to $10. See more.

Fun fact: To be a Seven Stars member, you have to earn 150,000 tier credits in a calendar year.  You earn one tier credit for every $5 played on a slot machine, for example. That’s $750,000 a year in slot play (not losses, necessarily, just play). Enjoy your $10 food coupon as a thank-you for your “optimal player participation”! We kid. They get other perks, too.

In regard to casinos feeding players for free, Caesars CEO Tom Reeg said, “God forbid they stop at McDonald’s on the way home.” We are not making this up.

While Caesars hasn’t confirmed the elimination of Laurel Lounges, or what might replace them, our source says the lounge at Paris will become a Vanderpump Lounge, an offshoot of the one at Caesars Palace.

Elimination of Laurel Lounges is part of an overall cost-saving effort following the merger of Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts.

The company is scrutinizing any element of the business that isn’t directly making money, and cutting, including on the live entertainment front.

Just days ago, it was announced several venues will close, leaving a number of long-running shows, including “Chippendales” and “Crazy Girls,” without a home.

It’s also believed a number of money-losing buffets will not reopen, although Bacchanal at Caesars Palace will.

Recent decisions by Caesars Entertainment fly in the face of Las Vegas trends over the last decade.

MGM Resorts even went so far as to create an entire campaign to shift its public image from that of a casino company to an entertainment company.

Player perks and live entertainment have been considered drivers of “non-gaming revenue,” a direction born of necessity as profits from gambling have declined every year.

The bottom line is Caesars Entertainment has a huge amount of debt, and prior to the merger said it was going to trim the fat. As a Bloomberg story said, ” the moves are part of a strategy to create a leaner casino operator that’s focused on the core gambling business rather than costly forays into other areas.

Whether nixing Laurel Lounges, a beloved perk of its best and most profitable players, helps or hurts the company’s “core gambling business” remains to be seen.

Update (7/17/21): Lisa Vanderpump’s designer Nick Alain shared a photo inside a stripped down former Laurel Lounge at Paris, confirming our scoop it won’t be back.