Proposed Glitter Gulch Bar Could Mean the End of Iconic Golden Goose Sign

There are still a good number of hoops to be jumped through, but a proposed outdoor bar at downtown’s Glitter Gulch strip club could result in the demise of a vintage Las Vegas sign, that of the former Golden Goose casino.

Here’s a look at the proposed bar.

Glitter Gulch Bar rendering
The best thing about renderings is you can use Photoshop to erase the WTF.

The proposed bar would preserve the famous Vegas Vicki sign, but would appear to replace the old-school Golden Goose sign with a video display.

Here’s the current space involved with the Glitter Gulch proposal.

Golden Goose bar
There’s some serious Vegas happening up there. Let’s leave it unmucked with.

Since we work at Fremont Street Experience as our day job, we won’t weigh in on whether this bar should be allowed (it shouldn’t), but we will weigh in on pulling down one of the most fabulous signs on Fremont Street. Specifically, it would suck harder than a black hole that’s been held underwater for eight minutes. Or something.

Golden Goose
“The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs” is a famous fable. Another is “The All Net Arena’s Financing is Nearly in Place.”

The site of the Golden Goose sign has a long and storied history, most of which we’re likely to get wrong because we’ve been drinking.

Originally, the State Cafe stood at the Golden Goose location. After that, it was Buckley’s casino, then it became the Mecca Casino. Golden Goose opened in 1974, the same year “The Six Million Dollar Man” premiered. What that has to do with anything, we have no idea. It’s obvious you skimmed over the part about us drinking.

We’re a little protective of our home away from home (downtown Las Vegas), so we’ll be watching the progress of the proposed Glitter Gulch bar with great interest. We may also have to watch the progress from inside Glitter Gulch. The sacrifices we make for you.