The Pop-Up Las Vegas Casino That Never Was

There are many kinds of disappointment in life.

There’s the kind when you have four cards of a royal flush at video poker, and the last card ends up being a three of clubs. There’s the disappointment of seeing Rio Las Vegas advertise a 51-floor view, only to learn it’s just 41. There’s also the disappointment of having sex with this blog.

This time, though, we were disappointed by a casino. A pop-up casino, you might call it. Here’s the story.

Back in October, various news outlets reported a one-day, temporary casino would open in a trailer on the site of the former Castaways casino. One day. In a trailer. With 16 slot machines.

Naturally, we had to go! This is what we saw.

Castaways trailer
Not exactly Caesars Palace, but at least there’s a portable restroom.

There were no signs of people or vehicles, but we had to get a closer look.

The site is 26 acres, with fencing all around. Well, perhaps we should put “fencing” in quotation marks.

Castaways trailer
Not an invitation, per se, but do they know this Las Vegas blog at all?

After a bit of a trek, we got a few snaps of the alleged pop-up casino. Apparently, the planned one-day of slot play didn’t happen.

Castaways trailer
Insert sad trombone here.

What’s the deal with the pop-up casino? The Castaways casino was demolished in 2006, and to keep the gaming rights for the site, in case of future development, the state requires the owners of the land, Station Casinos, to operate a casino on the land every two years. Opening the trailer for eight hours keeps the company’s gaming license in play.

Well, our little adventure ended when we were gently booted out of the site by perhaps the nicest security guards ever.

Castaways security guards
Thanks for sparing us a body cavity search, guys.

We’ve been kicked out of other places in Las Vegas, but fewer with more, you know, gravel.

So, it looks like Station Casinos will either reschedule the pop-up casino, or let their gaming license lapse (unlikely).

In the meantime, precautions have been taken, as a result of our visit, to ensure others don’t visit the trailer on the site of the former Castaways.

Castaways fencing
We’re not exactly talking motion sensors here.

As disappointments go, this one isn’t the worst we’ve experienced. After all, we’ve had sex with us.