Las Vegas Skydiver Breaks Indoor Somersault World Record

Brad Hess, of Vegas Indoor Skydiving, has broken the world record for doing the most forward somersaults in a wind tunnel in one minute.

Hess grabbed the record with 53 somersaults on Feb. 8, 2014.

Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas
In indoor skydiving parlance, this is referred to as “Wheee!”

A visit to Vegas Indoor Skydiving is one of the more interesting non-casino things to do in Las Vegas.

A vertical wind tunnel is used to give daredevils the skydiving experience, without the need to jump out of a functioning airplane. (It’s a lot cheaper than actual skydiving, too.)

Brad Hess is general manager of Vegas Indoor Skydiving, and crushed the former record of 37 somersaults. Because Vegas, that’s how.

Indoor Skydiving
Take that, parachutes.

Thanks to Vegas Indoor Skydiving for the photos.

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Vegas Indoor Skydiving is located at 200 Convention Center Drive, not far from the Riviera, and mere feet from the former home of Silver City Casino. Like that helps.

Just visit their official site, already, and take a leap.