‘Thursday Night Football’ Doesn’t Disappoint, as Browns, Steelers Deliver

Posted on: September 23, 2022, 07:17h. 

Last updated on: September 27, 2022, 06:32h.

Not a game day goes by without NFL teams showing the sportsbooks they’re wrong. Thursday Night Football featuring the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers was no different.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett celebrates
Cleveland Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett celebrates getting a first down against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns pulled off an expected win against the Steelers in Thursday Night Football. (Image: Cleveland.com)

Week 3 of the 2022 NFL Season started with a tight but low-quality game. The Browns took advantage of each of the shortcomings shown by some weak Steelers to beat them, 29-17.

While sportsbooks didn’t expect Cleveland to lose, they thought the two teams would keep each other out of the end zone. The Browns easily beat the 4.5 spread most books offered, and the under 38.5 failed.

Browns Continue Quest For Glory

In a matchup where Pittsburgh and Cleveland fell short in terms of showmanship, there was one brilliant piece that dominated the night from start to finish. RB Nick Chubb led Cleveland all night. He’s the main reason this team could come in with plenty of life once QB Deshaun Watson rejoins the roster.

Chubb, who had 23 carries for 113 yards and 1 TD, did what he wanted on the ground to move the chains. He had help from the offensive line, as they managed to vindicate themselves after the unexpected collapse the team suffered last week against the New York Jets.

Cleveland’s offense is lethal in the tandem Chubb forms with RB Kareem Hunt, who had 61 yards from the line of scrimmage. If it wasn’t Chubb, it was Hunt. But both had a field day against a limp Steelers defense that seems to be suffering from losing LB TJ Watt.

Chubb and Hunt have to stay in their zones so the Browns can continue winning. Their roles will pick up even more when Watson, banned for 11 games, returns to the field. He could be back in Week 13, which means QB Jacoby Brissett has to carry the team for most of the season.

Cleveland now boasts a 2-1 record. Considering that they will face the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday, they could have three wins soon. However, despite its run, the real test could begin in Week 5 when they face the L.A. Chargers.

Steelers Fold Under Pressure

The Steelers just couldn’t keep things together. QB Mitch Trubisky, who was supposed to light a fire under the team, was 20 of 32 for 207 yards. He gave a strong performance that included a rushing TD and no interceptions. But it wasn’t enough to lift Pittsburgh.

During the first half, Pittsburgh was impressive. It kept up with Cleveland almost stride for stride. If the Browns scored, the Steelers responded in kind. By the end of the half, the Steelers had a one-point lead.

However, it all fell apart. The third quarter was a sleeper by most accounts, with the Browns putting up the only three points of the period. In the fourth, everything went wrong for the Steelers, and Cleveland dominated.


The Steelers should find a little solace in their next game. They take on the Jets, who no one will admit outplayed the Browns last week. If the Steelers win that game, though, they face the undefeated Bills, which could put them right back on the wrong side of the count.