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£3.1 Million UK Lottery Winner Buys Son 200 Cigarettes, Gets Sued

Winning a lottery isn’t always as lucky  as it appears – based on mounds of empirical evidence – and if ever there was evidence that money can take relationships and tear them apart, it is the tale of William Robertson and his lottery jackpot-winning father, Alex Robertson. Alex, age 58 and from Scotland, was the…Read More

Senator McCain Seen Playing iPhone Poker During Syria Senate Hearings

Who among us hasn’t sat bored during a company meeting, stealthily gaming on a mobile app under the board room table and hoping no one notices we’re not paying the slightest attention to anything any of the suits are saying? Exactly. So would we expect our politicians – not famous of late for keeping their…Read More

Ugandan Students Miss College Graduation When They Gamble Away Tuition

Many schools and universities have codes of conduct that look down on students participating in gambling activities. So while the students of Makerere Business Institute (MBI) in Kampala, Uganda were probably encouraged to invest their money, doing so by betting on sports wasn’t likely to win them many friends in the administration. Students Gambled Away…Read More

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Wins Debt Collection Against Millionaire

Oh, the sneaky, sneaky rich. All over the world, these little devils try to squirm out of what are pretty cut-and-dried cases of having lost money to casinos and now needing to pay it back. You may recall the recent case of billionaire Australian Harry Kakavas who cried that he was a gambling addict who…Read More

Brit Soccer Union CEO GordonTaylor May Have to Eat His Words, and Hat

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the head of one of British soccer’s biggest player unions could be fighting for his job over the fact that he has built up large gambling debts from betting on soccer matches. The paper reports that Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, has lost…Read More

TV Reality Show Aims Its Cameras at Las Vegas Strippers

Reality TV has been around for a long time now; following the daily lives of bored, wealthy housewives, teen moms, New Jersey guidos and guidettes, and ridiculously rich and talentless celebutantes. We’ve seen women in the act of giving birth, appearing, at least, to have sex,  and people getting arrested. But we haven’t seen the…Read More

Massive Southern Dog Fighting Ring Bust Reveals Drugs and Stolen Pets

It’s been six years since football player Michael Vick rocked the country and the NFL with the discovery that he ran an interstate dog fighting ring, and had personally tortured over 70 dogs – mostly pit bulls – for not performing up to his expectations. Indicted on federal and state charges for the five-year, Virginia-based…Read More

Australian Coalition: “Replace Gambling Regulator with Industry Reps”

The Coalition – an alliance of several right to center-right parties that currently sit in opposition to the ruling government of Australia – announced a plan this week that would radically change the nature of gambling regulations in that country. According to their plan, the current national gambling regulator would be abolished, to be replaced…Read More

Arkansas Gambling Arcade Bust Yields $500K

A total of 15 locations were busted throughout Arkansas last week as the result of a three-month undercover operation. Most of the venues were located in Pine Bluff, though locations in Hot Springs and Little Rock were also involved in the raid. Sweepstakes Parlors Masquerade as Arcades The bust was related to venues that were…Read More

Nine Indicted in Philadelphia Gambling and Violent Loan Shark Ring

Nine people have been charged with operating an illegal gambling ring out of various Philadelphia businesses, according to a federal court indictment unsealed this week in Philadelphia. The individuals were also charged with running a loan shark business, and were accused of using threats of violence in order to collect on debts. Mob-Style Tactics Used According…Read More

It’s All Greek When It Comes to Grecian Online Gambling Now

The online gambling landscape in Greece is in a state of flux – and that might be putting it much too lightly. As Greece attempts to transition into a system where players can enjoy online gambling only at a site that’s partially owned by the Greek government, they’ve also taken steps to block other sites…Read More

Oregon Problem Gambling Ads Budget Sliced by Courts

There is often the perception that states and companies that offer gambling services aren’t really interested in preventing problem gambling. Sure, they’ll pay it lip service, but when push comes to shove, they’ll do as little as possible to actually stop people from spending money on lotteries or at the casino. That’s part of the…Read More

Scottish Soccer Player Ian Black Accused of Betting Against Own Team

When it comes to the rules of conduct for players and coaches in sports, there is nothing taken more seriously than gambling. It’s easy to understand why: while other hot issues in sports – such as performance enhancing drugs – may give some players an unfair advantage, they don’t change the fundamental competition taking place…Read More

Pittsburgh Rivers Casino Accused of Racist Policies

The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh is not the kind of casino that usually makes headlines. But one local politician is concerned that the casino has recently put policies into place that show an ugly pattern – one that might, in fact, be discriminatory towards black patrons. Earlier this month, an Allegheny County councilwoman named Amanda…Read More

Plano Police Bust International North Texas-based Sports Betting Ring

In 2001, the Plano Police Department received a note that alerted them to “a significant gambling operation.” Twelve years later, that note turned into one of the largest bookmaking busts in American history. $5 Billion International Gambling Ring The Plano Police Department announced this week that a total of 18 men have been arrested in…Read More