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British Illusionist Banned from Betting at UK Casinos

British illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown was banned from a Birmingham casino recently, amid fears that he would use his powers for ill gain, and take the casino operators for all they’re worth. Persona Non Grata Brown and friends decided to roll the dice at the Broadway Plaza Casino shortly after the national treasure finished…Read More

Bitcoins Are Out for OKPay Payment Processor

And so it starts; a few weeks after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) moved in to interrupt fund transfers between Iowa-based online payment processor Dwolla and Tokyo-based online exchange Mt. Gox, OKPay has decided to stop accepting Bitcoins, the popular cyber currency. While no public explanation for the OKPay move was given, it’s…Read More

Caesars’ Debt-Servicing Agility Troubles Wall Street

If you think your credit card debt is overwhelming, imagine carrying $20 billion worth, and long-term debt at that. Now add to that a declining revenue stream and a net loss of $1.74 share on the New York Stock Exchange. For Caesars Entertainment Corp., this nightmare is a reality now, and the folks on Wall…Read More

Macau Hackers Apprehended After High-Stakes Theft

A high-stakes Macau gambler is none too happy, after a local casino’s cyber VIP room accounts were hacked, with 3 million Hong Kong dollars ($387,000 U.S.) of his online funds being pilfered by the perpetrators. Macau Judicial Police have now arrested two computer programmers, both just 20 years old, in connection with the cyber-attack; they…Read More

Powerball Jackpot Winner Could Be the Girl – or Boy- Next Door

For some reason, lottery and jackpot winners are never from, say, Beverly Hills, or Manhattan. Nope, they’re always from some hokey little town that no one outside of its environs has ever heard of. So no one should have been surprised when it was announced that just one person won the largest Powerball jackpot in…Read More

American Attorney Larry Hartman Arrested in Nicaragua; Deported to U.S. to Face Charges in $100M Shell Game

Of all the scams on all the scammy websites in all the world, the scammiest has to be when the elderly are targeted to divest them of their life savings. We’re not sure what happens to old folks, who were obviously once savvy enough to amass some degree of financial security, that makes them vulnerable…Read More

Stanley Ho Extending Macau Casino Empire

The King of Gambling is coming to Cotai. That’s the news out of Macau, as Stanley Ho’s SJM Holdings has won government approval to build a casino on the Cotai strip, the hottest growth area in the region. Cotai New Hot Spot In recent years, Macau has left Las Vegas in the dust when it…Read More

Homeland Security Moves In on Bitcoin Payment Processors

Online gaming payment processor Dwolla and popular Bitcoin exchange site Mt. Gox got an unwelcomed notice that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in conjunction with the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, had issued a seizure warrant for funds this week. DHS apparently moved in to interrupt a transaction between the…Read More

Phil Ivey Says “That’s a Crock” to Britain’s Oldest Casino

Phil Ivey, the poker pro so good he’s been termed the “Tiger Woods of Poker”, has popped up in the press after filing a £7.3 million ($12.1 million) lawsuit against the oldest casino venue in Britain, Crockford’s Casino. The poker legend claims the exclusive London-based casino is refusing to payout the £7.3 million in winnings…Read More

Man Sues Sportsbet for “Halting” Winning Streak

Australian sportsbetting enthusiast Robert MacMillan, 55,  has filed suit with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal against Sportsbet, claiming they have prevented him from pocketing further winnings, after allegedly reducing his wagering options following a five-week hot streak. MacMillan explained that he first began wagering with Sportsbet back in 2005, and used the site for…Read More

Rational Group Still Intent on Atlantic Club Deal

Rational Group, the British parent company of PokerStars, the online poker site, has declared it’s still interested in purchasing the Atlantic Club, in New Jersey’s Atlantic City, despite earlier deal negotiations falling through for the company. The deal struck with Rational Group back in December was apparently contingent on the firm obtaining its license from…Read More

Marcus Bebb-Jones Receives 20-Year Sentence for Murder

Marcus Bebb-Jones, the British former professional poker player found guilty of murdering his wife, has now been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a case that’s been drawn out for more than 16 years. For those who missed our previous coverage of this story, Sabrina Bebb-Jones’ absence was reported by a member of staff at…Read More

Federal Online Poker Bill Back on Table, While California Has Its Own Plans

Just when you thought the corpse of federal gaming regulations was dead and cold, along comes New York State Representative Peter King (R-Long Island) with a new federal online poker bill that he intends to present to Congress shortly.  Apparently frightened at the prospect of state-by-state gaming expansion (we’re not entirely sure why), he wants…Read More

$218 Million Cash Back Possible for Betfair Investors

After saying “thanks, but no thanks” to a buyout offering from CVC Capital Partners (citing their valuations of their company as far too low), online sports betting outfit Betfair has come up with a new plan that they think will keep their investors feeling all warm and fuzzy: a possible $218 million (£140 million) payout to…Read More

Harder to Get into Nevada’s Black Book Than to Win an Oscar

The list is so select, only 33 active names are on it, and the nominees are so sparse, Roderick William Dee II is the first to be recommended for it by the three-member Gaming Control Board (GCB) in four years. But this probably isn’t a nomination that Dee hopes to see cemented; it will mean…Read More