Marina Bay Sands Hostage Taker and Failed Gambler Heads to Jail

Posted on: March 28, 2022, 09:38h. 

Last updated on: April 1, 2022, 01:08h.

Last year, a Chinese man in Singapore kidnapped a woman and held her hostage at Marina Bay Sands after unsuccessful gambling bets. He was recently sent to prison for his actions.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore looks inviting. For one guest held hostage for 12 hours last year, it wasn’t. (Image: InsideHook)

Huang appeared in court last Friday and was ordered to spend 38 months in a Singapore jail and receive 12 strokes of a cane.

After a failed entrepreneur attempt and an online gambling addiction, Huang fell into financial hardship. The Chinese media outlet Zaobao reports that Huang hatched the kidnapping plan as an easy way to earn money. After talking to the unidentified woman online, Huang concocted a plan to meet the woman at the resort.

Date Turns Into Kidnapping

After the two engaged in a romantic interlude in the hotel room, the woman excused herself to taking a shower. When she returned, Huang grabbed her and bound her arms and legs.

He then demanded that she give him access to her phone so he could gain access to her online bank account. The victim resisted attempts to reveal her secret PIN but ultimately succumbed to her attacker. Once inside her bank account, Huang forced her to transfer money to various accounts he controlled.

That wasn’t the end of the ordeal, however. With the woman still bound by the tape, Huang went to sleep. The next morning, he forced her to complete several transactions using her credit card. By the time everything was over, he had stolen S$72,800 (US$53,493).

Huang Threatens Family

Huang then attempted to secure a loan for S$64,000 (US$47,027) using the woman’s information but was unsuccessful.

After keeping her bound for 12 hours, he let her go. He threatened to attack her family and expose naked pictures of her if she went to the police.

The victim later tried to convince the bank to cancel the transactions but was unsuccessful. She initially wasn’t going to file a police report and only did after a friend convinced her that she should.

Police arrested Huang that same day.