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Delaware Posts Strongest Online Gambling Revenues Yet

Delaware gaming revenue

The raw numbers for Delaware’s online gambling industry will never look impressive when compared to New Jersey’s. Delaware is a far smaller state, after all, and can’t benefit from the same kind of gambling heritage that Atlantic City boasts. But that doesn’t mean that growth in the industry isn’t just as important there, even if…Read More

Caesars Launches Neteller Services for Online Gambling Sites

Optimal Payments Neteller Caesars Interactive Entertainment

One of the biggest limiting factors for regulated Internet gambling in the United States has been payment processing. While the sites licensed in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are entirely legal for any financial institution to deal with, many banks have still been reluctant to do so. Some have had issues with separating payments at…Read More

Scientists Find Area of the Brain Linked to Gambler’s Fallacy

insula gambler's fallacy

One of the great things about being human is having a brain that’s magnificent at finding patterns. This helps us hundreds of times every day, but it can also be a curse: we’re also very good at finding patterns that don’t exist at all. This leads to occasional problems like the so-called “gambler’s fallacy,” which…Read More

UK Betting Shops Targeting Poor is Myth, Claims Report

FOBTs UK bookmakers

It’s a fashionable and long-held belief that the UK’s high street betting shops prey on the poor. Bookmakers spring up in deprived areas, says received wisdom, in order to exploit those already suffering from economic hardship. Leading bookmaking companies – such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power – have always strongly denied this, and…Read More

Illinois Rep Bob Rita OffersTwo Plans for Chicago Casino Expansion

Rep. Bob Rita Illinois gambling Chicago

It’s not hard to imagine just how lucrative a massive casino placed in Chicago could become. It’s been a dream of many for years now, though never one that has come anywhere near fruition. Now, one lawmaker has put two proposals for such a casino before an Illinois House committee – though the odds of…Read More