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Bahamas Considering Online Gambling, But Only for Tourists


The Bahamas could soon become the next small island nation to legalize online gambling. If so, it would be the culmination of a long process for a bill that was first proposed last May, and which now could be sent to the Bahamian House of Assembly as soon as next week. But the bill isn’t…Read More

Revel and Showboat Close in Atlantic City Over Labor Day


It was the end of the road for Revel and Showboat this weekend as the two Atlantic City casinos closed their doors for good. For casinos in this seaside resort town, Labor Day is usually a celebratory time of the year. The traditional “end of summer” in the United States, the three-day weekend should be…Read More

India Online Poker Fate Rests with Supreme Court

India online poker and rummy games

India online poker and the country’s Internet rummy games may not immediately seem to be related; while many people know that gin rummy has frequently been played for money, and even for high stakes, it’s not a major part of the online gambling landscape for much of the world. But in India, Internet rummy sites…Read More

Skrill Wants 99 Percent Market Penetration in New Jersey

Skrill wants to be New Jersey payment processor of choice

Online payment processor Skrill will ramp up its marketing efforts in New Jersey, with the long-term goal of achieving a 99 percent penetration rate with operators in the market. Speaking to, VP of Skrill USA Joe Hall said that the company plans to replicate its market penetration in Europe across three core gaming channels…Read More

5 Million Japanese Gambling Addicts, Study Claims

Pachinko Parlor, Japan

We may not think of Japanese gambling addicts when we think of the mostly formal, extremely polite island nation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Has Japan got a gambling problem? As the country prepares to open up itself up to legalized and regulated casino gambling, a new study may give lawmakers pause for thought….Read More