Bally’s Officially Becomes Horseshoe in December 2022

While Caesars Entertainment announced it would be rebranding Bally’s to Horseshoe some time ago, the company’s been a smidge vague about when the change would actually happen.

Now, we can finally answer the question, “When does Bally’s become Horseshoe?”

It’s being communicated Bally’s transitions to Horseshoe Las Vegas in December 2022.

There are already signs Bally’s is more Horseshoe than Bally’s, including this throwback million-dollar photo op. (No, the bills aren’t real.) Yes, we hold the world record for the most photos with a million dollars, but we don’t like to brag.

If you’re one of those weirdos who likes “confirmation” of things, here’s some language being shared on Trip Advisor.

This rebrand has taken forever. Thanks a lot, supply chain disruptions.

The transition from Bally’s to Horseshoe has been happening for some time now.

They’ve been working on the hotel’s marquee for months, but the process of removing letters from the Bally’s marquee started on Oct. 14, 2022. Here’s a look.

A symbolic end to a fairly unremarkable era.

The Bally’s lettering has also been removed from the hotel towers.

Following some experimentation, Horseshoe has landed on its paint colors. Specifically, brown and sort of light brown.

Here’s another meh photo we took while driving, which is a terrible idea, but we are willing to risk our life to bring you Las Vegas news, especially when we’re sitting at a stop light and there’s no actual danger.

Before it was Bally’s, it was MGM Grand. There will be a quiz.

Inside Bally’s, there’s a new Jack Binion’s Steak and The Arcade.

More restaurants are in the works, like M.Y. Asia from Chef Martin Yan, and Ole Red is coming to the Grand Bazaar Shops outside Bally’s. Yes, despite our best efforts, Grand Bazaar Shops is staying at Bally’s.

Sorry, Horseshoe, this is going to take some time to adjust.

If you’re a fan of the Bally’s brand, although, why would you be, never fear. Bally’s Corp. (no relation) purchased Tropicana, and it’s expected that resort will be rebranded to Bally’s at some point.

For longtime Vegas fans, it’s pretty cool to have the Horseshoe back, especially given it’s the new home of the World Series of Poker. (We hear Bally’s/Horseshoe’s renovated poker room opens the weekend of Nov. 4, 2022.)

The change from Bally’s to Horseshoe should cause some confusion, mostly for rideshare drivers, but like all the changes that happen in Vegas, we just adapt and keep moving forward.

Chip collectors will have something new for their display cases, and repeat visitors can look forward to all the new offerings in the works for Horseshoe.

We’ll definitely let you know when they flip the switch on Horseshoe Las Vegas.