PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo Main Event Win Goes to Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu

Posted on: May 9, 2022, 05:53h. 

Last updated on: May 10, 2022, 12:03h.

The PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo Main Event came to a conclusion this weekend. Brazil’s Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu emerged victorious, marking a huge win as he took home almost $1 million.

Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu
Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu, a Brazilian poker player, celebrating his PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo Main Event win. The poker tournament allowed him to cash almost $1 million. (Image: Mais EV)

The PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Monte Carlo Main Event is in the bag after finding a winner over the weekend. It was a successful event, with 1,073 players grabbing a seat at the felt in hopes of scoring one of the major cash prizes.

That turnout would make it the second-best EPT Monte Carlo Main Event on record, coming in slightly behind the 2016 event. When the last chips hit the pot, Brazilian poker player Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu scooped the win and the title.

In doing so, he pocketed €939,840 (US$987,395) – not bad for a €5,300 (US$5,569) buy-in poker game.

Mesqueu Makes History

Starting the Final Day with the second-largest stack, Mesqueu gave no chance to the competition and made history. He is the first Brazilian to win a title at the main event of the EPT.

Mesqueu had to overcome a five-day battle and a contest that featured several impressive names, including Hugo Pingray, eliminated in fifth place, and Niall Farrell, who hit the rail in 16th place.

The final table of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event started well, with the finalists alternating at the top of the standings. Mesqueu even lost an all-in pre-flop to American Jaime Cervantes and left the final six very close in the number of chips.

However, a large pot against Morten Hvam, who entered the last day as chip leader, started Mesqueu’s great run. Holding 3-3, Marcelo hit a full house on the river, which earned him a huge pot and put him back on top. On this hand, the Brazilian dominated the actions, and only stopped when he had the trophy in his possession.

It took more than eight hours of play on the last day for the first elimination to arrive. With Mesqueu firing away at hand after hand, the new chip leader imposed an advantage so absurd that he went to the dinner break with half the chips in play still on 6-handed.

Rapid-Fire Conclusion

When they returned in just 40 minutes, the final heads-up battle appeared. Having eliminated Dragos Trofimov, Hugo Pingray, and Erkan Soenmez, Mesqueu was in a good spot. With his dominance, he started the showdown with a lead of almost four to one.

In the final hand, it was an all-in and call after the flop produced 6-9-7, with two diamonds. Then, in the final tense moments, the Brazilian had KK against KT. The turn was a 5, and a J completed the board.

The Dane was out of luck, as he had attempted to find a straight. However, he took home €564,640 (US$593,097) for his efforts.

Adrian Mateos Takes Down High Roller

Spain’s Adrian Mateos proved that he still has the skills and talent of a long-time winner. He shipped the $100,000 EPT Monte Carlo High Roller event, taking home €1.38 million (US$1.45).

Mateos always maintained his advantage. But Belarusian high stakes professional Mikita Badziakouski managed to almost catch up with him. In the end, it was a bad Badziakouski bluff that swung the pendulum in favor of the Spaniard.

Badziakouski raised from the button with A-6, and Mateos defended himself in the big blind with J-8. On a board of J-10-7-Q-4, Badziakouski tried to keep the pressure up on the flop, turn and river. Mateos silenced all of them, took a considerable bounce with a call-down, and consolidated his advantage.

Soon after, Mateos eliminated his Belarusian opponent with AT over A2. The final heads-up between Mateos and Austria’s Marius Gierse did not last long. The Spaniard entered the match with a 25-1 lead and, while he gave up a couple of hands, was never in trouble.

A weak all-in by Gierse with J-4 met a K-3 Mateos was holding. Neither player connected on the board, with Mateos taking the win and the title with a high card.