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Scottish Soccer Player Ian Black Accused of Betting Against Own Team

When it comes to the rules of conduct for players and coaches in sports, there is nothing taken more seriously than gambling. It’s easy to understand why: while other hot issues in sports – such as performance enhancing drugs – may give some players an unfair advantage, they don’t change the fundamental competition taking place…Read More

Filipino Billionaire Enrique Razon Wants to Take Casino Empire Global

Filipino billionaire Enrique Razon comes from a family that built a port company throughout Southeast Asia, eventually becoming one of the largest such corporations in the region. Now, Razon is seeking to do exactly the same with his casino ventures. Razon is the owner of Bloomberry Resorts, a company that operates a $1.2 billion casino…Read More

Plano Police Bust International North Texas-based Sports Betting Ring

In 2001, the Plano Police Department received a note that alerted them to “a significant gambling operation.” Twelve years later, that note turned into one of the largest bookmaking busts in American history. $5 Billion International Gambling Ring The Plano Police Department announced this week that a total of 18 men have been arrested in…Read More

Trump Says Florida Should Gamble on Miami Casinos

Donald Trump is good at many things; self-promotion possibly topping the list. Running casinos, based on the performance of his current and past Atlantic City properties – the Trump Taj Mahal and the Trump Plaza – may be way further down on his acumen spreadsheet, however. The two casinos are part of what has been…Read More

California Tribes Approved for Off-Reservation Casinos

Long restricted to Native American reservations, tribal-operated casinos in California appear ready to expand in a big way. One off-reservation casino has already been approved, which has many other tribes looking at whether they can’t move into other parts of the state as well. Compacts Allow for New Sites The expansion officially began weeks ago,…Read More

Cayuga Indian Tribe Could Stall New York State Casinos

Nothing is ever simple, and when it comes to casino legislation, it’s been proven time and time again that just when you think you are home free, a new glitch shows up. Such has been the case in New York State, where a seemingly unending war between the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and tribal factions…Read More

Illinois Passes Law to Garnish Gambling Winnings for Child Support

One of the more challenging – yet important – tasks for local and state governments can be to collect child support payments from parents who are not inclined to pay them. Often, the same parents – let’s face it, typically dads – who avoid making such payments are also able to hide what earnings they…Read More

Lottery Gameshow Pair Say They Were Denied £22,000 BBC Prize

Two contestants of the BBC’s National Lottery game show are fuming after being denied a £22,000 prize ($34,063), and have blown the whistle on the broadcasters for trying to dupe viewers with a re-filming of the show. Friends Helen Griffiths and Rina Evans, who took part in a game show called “Break the Safe” which…Read More

Tom Waterhouse Deal with William Hill Not As Lavish As It Looks

Objects in the mirror may be larger than they appear, and multimillion dollar deals, apparently, may be smaller. That’s how it’s looking anyway for the sale of Australia’s bookmaker to UK sports book giant William Hill recently. What appeared to be a deal that would net Tom Waterhouse – the young owner of –…Read More

UK Lottery Winner Credits Scarab for Good Fortune

After matching five numbers plus the bonus ball in the UK National Lottery draw, Stephen Birkbeck believes that the win is all thanks to his lucky scarab beetle, which he was given while vacationing in Egypt. Birkbeck, 43 and from Cumbria, UK, scooped up a nice £369,151 ($570,761) from the draw, and said that he…Read More

Caesars Entertainment Misses a Put in Macau

In what may have seemed like an odd move for a huge casino conglomerate that is one of the few without presence in Macau – the most lucrative gaming destination in the world – Caesars Entertainment Inc. sold off its 175-acre golf course land that borders Macau’s chi-chi Cotai Strip last week. An Asian developer…Read More

Two $1 Million Prizes Awarded from Ohio Casino Customer Name Mixup

When the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati held a $1 million drawing for customers on a Saturday night, the house was packed. The drawing was televised and plenty of local media were on hand to catch a glimpse of the winner. The announcer drew the winning name and said: “Our next millionaire from Cincinnati is: Kevin…Read More

Gamblers Wanted: Atlantic City Gamblers Show Up, Finally, at Revel

It’s the first good news since Atlantic City’s newest casino opened: finally, a marketing campaign appears to be working, and July’s numbers reflect the improvements everywhere within Revel Casino-Hotel. New Campaign Working With its seemingly obvious “Gamblers Wanted” campaign – including a massive sign plastered right on the front of the casino – Revel has…Read More

Steve Wynn Donates $25 Million to Vision Research

He could be the most famous virtually blind businessman in the world, and now he will donate a sizable chunk of his success so that others similarly afflicted may be able to see better. Looking Forward Casino mogul Steve Wynn announced he is donating $25 million to the University of Iowa’s Institute for Vision Research…Read More

Roadblocks to Vietnam Gambling Developments Have Critics Skeptical

It’s no secret that Asia is considered the biggest growth market in the casino industry. Macau is, of course, the biggest gambling hub in the world, while Singapore and the Philippines have become prized destinations for gambling developers as well. Even Russia has become determined to place casinos on its Asian borders in order to…Read More