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Gamblers and scandals go together like bacon and eggs. It’s like a marriage made in Heaven. Whether it’s embezzlement, prostitution, cheating or even drugs, there is likely to be a gambler caught up in it somewhere.

We bring you the scandalous lowdown on what’s going on around the world so you can stand back in shocked horror, and then read on to find out more.

Wynn Resorts Begins Reputation Clean-up Mission, Appoints Three Women to the Board

Wynn Resorts board

Wynn Resorts plans to appoint three women to the board as it seeks to refresh its corporate structure in the wake of accusations it ignored the alleged sexual misconduct of its former chairman and CEO, Steve Wynn. The nominees must be approved by shareholders at the company’s AGM next month. Wynn Resorts said the appointments…Read More

Missouri Governor Sex and Blackmail Scandal Threatens to Bury Sports Betting Push

Missouri governor Eric Greitens

Sports betting is unlikely to pass in Missouri this year, according to the sponsor of a bill that aims to bring sports books to the riverboat casinos of the Show-Me State. In fact, State Representative Bart Korman (R-District 42) doesn’t see much legislation passing at all this year, thanks to an extraordinary sex scandal currently…Read More

Accused Venetian Casino Exec Shooter Anthony Wrobel Planned Getaway, ‘Good Old-Fashioned Police Work’ Credited for Arrest

Anthony Wrobel Las Vegas Sands shooting

Anthony Wrobel remains behind bars this morning in Vega, Texas, where he was arrested early Thursday morning after being on the run for 3 1/2 days. Without “good old-fashioned police work,” the fugitive suspected in the killing of a Las Vegas Sands executive and attempted murder of another might very well still be at large….Read More

CAPTURED: Suspected Las Vegas Casino Exec Shooter Anthony Wrobel Arrested in Texas

Anthony Wrobel Las Vegas shooting

Accused Las Vegas shooter Anthony Wrobel — who’s been charged with first-degree murder in the death of one Venetian casino executive and attempted murder with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm in the shooting of another — was captured Thursday morning without incident in Vega, Texas. The…Read More

Fired Wynn Las Vegas Male Manicurist Files Gender Bias Lawsuit, Claims He Experienced Discrimination for Being a Man

Wynn Las Vegas lawsuit manicurist

Vincent Fried, who previously worked as a Wynn Las Vegas manicurist, alleges in a court complaint filed this week that he was fired from the Strip resort last summer, simply for being a guy. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Rio Lacanlale, who viewed the district court filing, Fried claims through his attorney that he was…Read More

Cambridge Analytica Planned to Launch Own Cryptocurrency to Monetize Personal Data

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica, the controversial firm at the center of the Facebook data harvesting scandal, planned to launch its own cryptocurrency that would enable adopters to profit from selling their own personal data. According to the The New York Times, before it became the focus of the world’s attention for all the wrong reasons, the company planned…Read More

Elaine Wynn Vows Board Shake Up at Wynn Resorts, Expect Heads to Roll

Elaine Wynn wants Wynn Resorts shake-up

Wynn Resorts’ biggest shareholder, Elaine Wynn ,wants an immediate shake up of the board that once backed a resolution, led by her ex-husband, Steve Wynn, to oust her. The day after Ms. Wynn settled a longstanding legal battle with the company and her former spouse, she wrote to the board demanding it reopen the window…Read More

Venetian Picnic Shooting Victim Identified as VP of Casino Operations, Suspect Remains At Large

Venetian picnic shooting

Venetian picnic shooter Anthony Wrobel, the casino employee who is reported to have killed one of his bosses and critically injured another, remains on the lam more than 24 hours after the Sunday evening close-range shooting in Las Vegas’ Sunset Park. The apparently targeted attack ended the life of Las Vegas Sands VP of Casino…Read More

Wynn Resorts Ends Six-Year Legal Battle with Elaine Wynn, All Litigation Dropped

Elaine Wynn

Wynn Resorts on Monday announced it had resolved the longstanding legal battle with Elaine Wynn, its biggest shareholder and the ex-wife of its disgraced former CEO and chairman, Steve Wynn. The agreement came just as jury selection for the case was due to begin. Under terms of the deal, which is not believed to have…Read More

‘1,001 Vegas Nights’ Author Faces Judge Over $400K Worth of Theft and Forgery Charges

Andjelika Martin

1,001 Vegas Nights, a book whose title is an apparent takeoff of the classic One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, is a romance novel detailing the lustier side of life for Sin City casino executive “Pandora.” But for 46-year-old self-published romance novel writer Andjelika Martin, most of the steam seems to be coming from the hot water…Read More

Pro-Trump Super PAC Won’t Return $500,000 Steve Wynn Donation

Steve Wynn Donald Trump RNC

American First Action, a Super PAC supporting the reelection efforts of President Donald Trump, says it won’t be returning a $500,000 donation made by disgraced former casino owner Steve Wynn. Finance records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that the political action committee received the half of a million dollars on January 23, 2018….Read More

SunBets Fined £84,000 Over ‘Piegate’ Scandal

SunBets Fined Over Piegate

SunBets, the betting arm of British tabloid The Sun, has been fined £84,000 ($120,000) over an overweight semi-professional soccer player’s decision to eat a meat pie . It was an incident that left a bad taste in the mouth not just of the player in question but also the UK Gambling Commission, which has warned…Read More

Venetian Company Picnic Turns Deadly in Las Vegas, Police Say Act of ‘Workplace Violence’

Venetian Las Vegas shooting

A Venetian company picnic in a popular Las Vegas park for locals turned into a murder scene on Sunday, after an employee showed up to the event with a handgun and allegedly shot at least two people. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has identified Anthony Wrobel, 42, as the shooting suspect. Law enforcement says…Read More

Archeologists Unearth Medieval Die That May Have Been Used to Cheat

Medieval die cheating

Casinos are always careful to make sure that their dice aren’t loaded, as weighted dice are an easy way to cheat at games like craps. But the discovery of a very unusual medieval die suggests that unscrupulous gamblers have been trying to cheat with dice for far longer than you may have suspected. The wooden…Read More

Galaxy Entertainment’s Stock Dips on Confusion Over Boracay Casino

Caption 2: Duterte meets Galaxy Entertainment’s Lui Che Woo to discuss Boracay casino

Galaxy Entertainment’s stock, which has enjoyed a steady upward trajectory since Macau’s recovery, was rocked this week as the company’s bid to build a $500 million casino on the paradise Philippine island of Boracay was plunged into complete confusion. The Hong Kong-based company was granted a provisional license to build its casino by the Philippine…Read More