Omar Del Pino Ships Winamax Poker Open €500 Main Event

Posted on: May 16, 2022, 06:51h. 

Last updated on: May 16, 2022, 10:56h.

The Winamax Poker Open (WPO) Madrid closed the curtain yesterday with the conclusion of the Main Event. The series was a huge success, but Omar Del Pino’s performance at the €500 (US$521.20) Main Event was among the best.

Omar del Pino
Omar del Pino after winning the WPO €500 6-Max Main Event. The poker tournament set a record for the format. (Image: PokerNews)

After a week in which the big winner has been poker, the party organized by Winamax ended with the 6-Max Main Event yesterday. What started as a contest between 2,182 entries had just 24 players returning to the tables on the final day. It was a fight for the title of champion of a tournament that has broken the world record for participation in a 6-Max format event.

Omar Del Pino ultimately took that title. The Spanish player won a prize of €130,000 (US$135,590) after defeating Frenchman Hugues Mazerolle in the final heads-up battle. Mazerolle took home €94,000 (US$98,051) for his efforts.

Winamax Raises the Bar

The WPO Main Event had a buy-in of €500 (US$521.20), a structure of three days, and a prize pool of €960,080 (just over $1 million). The 394 survivors of the initial flights played on Day 2 on Saturday. Some 312 of them took home cash.

Adrián Mateos fell before the bubble burst, and left empty. Pierrick Letalleur became the bubble boy of the tournament. However, Winamax put up a consolation prize, giving him a ticket to the next live event. That will be the WPO in Bratislava from September 26 to October 2.

The last 24 survivors played yesterday on the decisive Day 3. Among them were one Lithuanian, one Italian, two Portuguese, 11 French, and nine Spaniards.

Lithuanian Gytis Juskevicius exited next in eighth place. Del Pino reached the official final table as chip leader, with 50 big blinds, ahead of fellow Spaniard Pablo Herrera. He was right behind, with 49 big blinds.

Frenchman Anthony Soules entered the final with just four big blinds. Although he doubled at the expense of Pablo Herrera, he soon lost in an all-in, Q-10 vs A-8. That hand went to Herrera, who had gotten his revenge.

Players Quickly Fall

In the first rounds, Herrera, Del Pino, and the Frenchman Matthieu Lamagnere alternated as leaders in chips. Then came a train wreck after Angel Rodriguez opened with 3-3.

Herrera made a small three-bet raise from the button with AA. Del Pino went all-in from the big blind with J-J, and Herrera paid instantly. The board brought Omar a J on the turn. That was enough for Rodriguez to begin having to fight to survive.

The tournament turned into a duel between Lamagnere and Del Pino, with Rodríguez, Antonio López del Álamo, and Hugues Mazerolle trying to claw their ways back. The latter doubled down on his compatriot, and Del Pino put pressure on Lamagnere to extend his advantage as chip leader.

Rodríguez wasn’t able to hang on. The Spaniard played all his chips with A-Q and ran into Mazerolle’s AA.

Shortly after, López del Álamo said goodbye. He played his small stack with Q-9 suited before a raise of Del Pino, who happily called with A-K offsuit. The hands did not improve and Lopez went to the rail.

Del Pino started the 3-handed action with a considerable stack advantage. The Spaniard soon eliminated Mazerolle after going all-in with 7-7. His opponent called with 2-2, but couldn’t find any help on the flop, turn, or river. Just like that, Rodriguez and del Álamo fell in consecutive hands.

Final Heads-Up Battle Endures

The final heads-up battle started slow. The Frenchman managed to balance the duel and get ahead with twice as many chips as the Spaniard. However, Del Pino kept his cool and reacted, putting himself back in front, and didn’t let go.

In the final hand, Lamagnere raised to 3.8 million chips in pre-flop betting. Del Pino three-bet to 12 million. The Frenchman shoved with 47 million, and Del Pino made a snap-call. Matthieu showed K-Q offsuit, while Del Pino revealed A-J offsuit.

The board came Kh-Jh-5h, 6d and 2h. Both players were holding a heart, but Del Pino’s was the Ace. That clinched the win and the top prize.