Nevada Moves to Phase 2 of Reopening on May 29, Casinos Reopen June 4

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced the state is moving into “Phase 2” of the state’s reopening plan on May 29, 2020.

Las Vegas casinos are still on track to reopen on June 4, 2020 (although not all will, as some will wait until demand returns).

In Phase 2, bars can reopen. That’s really the most important part, but here’s a handy chart that includes everything.

Nevada phase 2 reopening

Please don’t poke fun at the phase names. That’s our job.

Basically, Phase 2 means just about everything can reopen, but with restrictions like social distancing and capacity limits.

It’s worth noting salons and businesses that provide aesthetic services can open. So, what the Governor’s saying is everyone can get facials in Las Vegas again.

We’ll wait.

The things that can’t open in Phase 2? Nightclubs and dayclubs, adult entertainment establishments (strip clubs) and brothels.

Sheri's Ranch Las Vegas Brothel
Hold on, Sheri’s Ranch. Hold on.

Gatherings of 50 people or more rules out live sporting event venues, live performance venues and many of the best orgies.

As happened with restaurants on May 9, other Las Vegas businesses are now put in the position of having very little time to reopen, so expect many to wait until they can get their ducks in a row.

The process of reopening casinos on June 4 will be especially complicated, and guests will encounter a number of safety measures in place when they return. They include:

googie Temperature checks at the entrances of casinos, some taken by thermal scanners (100.4 is the temp to beat for entry)
googie Employees wearing masks, recommendations guests do as well
googie Capacity limited to 50% at casinos and restaurants
googie Social distancing everywhere, including fewer spots at table games
googie Four passenger limits in elevators
googie Increased cleaning procedures, especially slot machines
googie Casino employees will discourage guests from congregating
googie A metric hell-ton of hand sanitizer dispensers

Here’s a video showing some of the changes at Wynn Las Vegas.

Wynn safety
The “new temporary” is going to be awkward.

On the bright side, life will finally start to get back to normal in Phase 2. From hardcore gamblers to locals going stir crazy during the shutdown, we should see Las Vegas spring back to life in no time. Pent up demand is going to ensure a strong start, and from there we collectively make the best of an awful situation nobody could’ve predicted. Except Bill Gates. But pretty much nobody.

We’ve never been more excited to just sit in a bar and banter with a bartender about plastic versus paper straws. To see a movie. To get a massage. To laugh at people going into gyms and art galleries. To get a nipple piercing. Mostly the bar thing.

You can see the official Phase 2 announcement in the official news release (.pdf format).

Let’s Vegas again.