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Illinois State Worker Allegedly Stole $1.6M from Children Services to Gamble on Slots

A former Illinois state employee has been charged for allegedly stealing at least $1.6M in funds meant for foster children's daycare. She used much...

Ed Silverstein May 25, 2023
Bently Distillery

Vegas Golden Knights Owner Purchases Bently Distillery

Bill Foley, the owner of the Vegas Golden Knights, purchased the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery in Minden, Nev., which produces luxury bourbon, single malt...

Pauly McGuire May 24, 2023
Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City helipad

Ocean Casino Resort Seeks Permission to Install Helipad Atop Parking Garage

Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City is undergoing an $85 million property overhaul. The investment will complete the remaining guest rooms and suites on...

Devin O'Connor April 12, 2023