‘Tis the Season for Downtown Las Vegas Casinos to Upgrade Their Carpets

If you love casinos, you have to love casino carpets. It’s the law.

They’re wild, often even garish, but they all have a certain flair. By “flair,” of course, we mean stains and worn spots.

Three downtown casinos have updated their carpets recently, and we had to stop in for  a look.

First up, Binion’s! The legendary casino is quite popular, and popular casinos tend to have disgusting carpeting. Binion’s is losing its B-pattern carpets in favor of something a little more floral.

Binion's carpeting
There’s a lot of Vegas history, and possibly urine, in that old Binion’s carpeting!

Look at Binion’s putting on the ritz.

Casino carpet
Flowers, but a tad on the ecstasy.

There are a lot of myths surrounding casino carpets, including the theory they’re designed to be repugnant so the eyes of gamblers are forced to look up, toward the slots and table games.

Another theory claims casino carpet designs are intended to conceal dropped casino chips, presumably so casinos can collect them each night.

Bull. The patterns on casino carpets are designed to hide stains and wear, plain and simple.

The Four Queens is also in the process of installing new carpeting. The way casinos do such installations is ingenious. They close down the casino floor, section by section, always ensuring the least possible disruption to customers (and the casino’s bottom line).

Four Queens carpeting
Old on top, new on the bottom.

Among other things, casino carpeting is a wonderful opportunity for those who are visually impaired to find success and advance in the highly competitive world of carpet design.

Four Queens carpet
At Four Queens, it’s like a box of crayons threw up.

Mermaids is a popular slot joint on the Fremont Street Experience, home to deep friend Twinkies and floors reminiscent of those in peep show booths.

The new Mermaids carpet (pictured below) is as clustery as it gets, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. How else would you know you’re in a Las Vegas casino?

Mermaids carpet
We don’t make up the retinal damage, we just report it.

It’s going to take some time to break in these new casino carpets, but it’s a challenge we’re happy to accept.