Las Vegas Will Get Its Own Top-Level Domain Thingy

Sometime in 2014, Las Vegas will be one of the first cities in the country with its own top-level Internet domain, .vegas.

This fancy new domain will be another option in addition .com or .org, and like most specialized top-level domains, will be used by just about nobody. (Remember when .museum really took off?)

We needed a Vegas-themed photo here that we can also share on Pinterest. Done and done.
We needed a generic, Vegas-themed photo here that we could also share on Pinterest. Done and done.

As with so many things in Las Vegas, the city will get a cut of the action, receiving revenue based upon the number of domains registed using the new .vegas extension.

Only three other cities get to have their own top-level domains: Miami, Boston and New York City.

Announcements about the new .vegas top-level domain have been filled with the usual WTF: “The new top-level domain will give the city an edge in marketing, as Las Vegas will rise to the top of Internet searches.” Which is an interesting perspective, given the person who wrote that appears to have never actually used one of these new-fangled “search engines.”

Oh, it gets better: “It also furthers the city’s goal to be on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, helping make Las Vegas a world-class city.” Yes, because a vanity domain name is what makes cities world-class. Not, you know, a metric ass-ton of hotel rooms, gambling, restaurants, shows, all that.

And don’t even get us started about how having a top-level domain puts one on the cutting edge of technology. We’re getting callouses from all the face-palming.

Oh, well, it’s still kind of cool. It’s about Vegas, after all.

We can’t wait to get our domain name, because it’ll sort of make us sound like we’ve suffered a head injury.