Coming to a Las Vegas Casino Near You: Faucet Ads

The one thing Las Vegas is lacking is advertising, wouldn’t you say? Well, some casinos have a solution to this problem. Faucet ads!

We spotted the device below in a public restroom at MGM Grand recently, and for the 20 seconds you’re washing up, they’ve definitely got you. You’ll see ads looping for shows, restaurants and, oh, so much more.

Faucet Impressions
We are not making this up. Have we ever made anything up?

This WTF device is brought to us by Faucet Impressions, which claims they “fill a niche, a very innovative niche, that offers interactive media that’s in a different place and time than any other medium out there.” Well, we’ll give them that.

So, it’s a faucet with a TV screen on it. That plays ads. In bathrooms.

Faucet Impressions
Now, if they actually showed someone doing impressions, that’d be something.

MGM executives appear in the promotional video for Faucet Impressions, saying it’s challenging trying to communicate the hotel’s “assets and experiences.”

The high-tech faucet has apparently given the hotel a way to “connect with customers in an unexpected way,” and hotel reps assert customers are “wowed by it.”

We can’t argue with that, because our first impression was, “Wow, seriously?”

We understand hotels wanting to explore new ways to influence guests to consume their stuff. But here’s the thing. If they put ads in our stall, that’s it, we’re done using restrooms in Las Vegas for good.

We’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.