Boring Co. Firms Up Vegas Loop Stop at Fashion Show Mall

Bajillionaire Elon Musk’s Boring Company is firming up plans for a Las Vegas Loop station at Fashion Show Mall.

The underground transportation system already shuttles conventioneers around the Las Vegas Convention Center, and recently began service to Resorts World.

Ultimately, the 29-mile system will have 51 stops, one of them at a popular shopping mall. Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip, in case you bailed on the first paragraph because you have the attention span of a chipmunk.

It’s like “Back to the Future,” but more like “Back to Bath and Body Works.”

In a letter to Clark County County Planning, Boring Co. says, “The station will be located within the existing sub-surface garage and will be accessed from the southwest via a ramp below Fashion Show Drive.”

The Fashion Show Mall station of the Vegas Loop will result in the elimination of 100 parking spaces at the shopping center. The new total of parking spaces will be 5,463, or approximately 5,400 more than Allegiant Stadium has.

Thankfully, the planning documents included a couple of “proprietary and confidential” graphics to help keep our words from slapping together. Oh, look, here’s one now.

Behold, Fashion Show Mall’s future customer delivery system.

In the next image, you can see the Vegas Loop project sits right under the spaceship-looking structure that makes Fashion Show Mall impossible to shoplift.

One of the best things about Elon Musk’s tunnel system is he’s paying for it. Casinos and malls just have to pay for their stations.

Because we need additional words for the search engines, that structure above Fashion Show Mall is called “The Cloud.” It’s 128 feet tall and weighs 412 tons.

The reason it’s called “Fashion Show” is there’s a retractable runway inside the mall used for things like, oh, fashion shows.

One of the aforementioned fashion shows at Fashion Show, because one cannot live by planning documents alone.

Anyway, the Vegas Loop project continues to make progress, slowly and steadily and without much fanfare other than us occasionally saying how slow and steady the progress is.

There’s been quite a bit of activity at the Las Vegas Convention Center as the Loop gets its Riviera station. At this point, Teslas in the tunnels can only go in one direction at a time to and from Resorts World. When the Riviera station is done, they’ll be able to go both ways. Hey, it’s Vegas, we don’t judge.

It’s called the Riviera station because some people seem to think rubbing salt into a wound is amusing.

Prior to the Fashion Show leg of the Vegas Loop, it’s expected the one to Westgate will be completed. Work is already in progress.

If you’re here for World of Concrete, a ride in a Tesla underground will be the highlight of your visit.

Find out more about the big picture of the Vegas Loop on the official Web site.

Here’s a look at where the Vegas Loop is going.

Clearly, they’re using the term “loop” pretty loosely. Don’t ask too many questions. It’s fun.

Yes, there are critics of the Vegas Loop, but haters gonna hate, and the critics generally don’t get Las Vegas or why the Vegas Loop is a perfect fit for our crazy town.

Make sure to peruse our story, Critics of Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop Are Clueless.

Big thanks to the highly resourceful and patient Peter Bijlsma who graciously pores over incredibly boring planning documents so we don’t have to.

As this groundbreaking project continues to expand, make sure to check back often because you know we’ll keep you in the (wait for it) loop.