10 More Las Vegas Ads Sure to Lead to Crushing Disappointment

Our last collection of ridiculous Las Vegas ads was such a hit, we decided to share another 10 of them. From silly to blatantly WTF, the staged, Photoshopped and awkwardly-orchestrated rule in Las Vegas advertising.

1. Gold Diggers at Golden Nugget

Let’s just say it. You will never, ever see people that look like this, or who dress like this, at Gold Diggers at Golden Nugget. Fake out!

Golden Nugget
The alternate reality of Las Vegas advertising.

2. Silverton Casino and Hotel

Yeah, this happens.

Silverton casino
Um, security.

3. New York-New York

Just another typical day at New York-New York. You’d think at least one of these people might be having a bad day.

New York-New York
There’s no challenge as great for models as simulating fun around dueling pianos.

4. Luxor

Who’s up for some sushi at Luxor? Sushi that looks as perfect as the people pretending to eat it.

Luxor sushi
This photo represents any number of ways to be disappointed when you actually visit.

5.Excalibur Steakhouse

In Las Vegas advertising, a mathematically precise cross-section of ethnicity, age and gender is required.

Excalibur steakhouse
Obviously her first time using a chair.

6. Circus Circus Casino

Let’s just say this ad doesn’t reflect the typical grooming of guests in the Circus Circus casino, and leave it at that.

Circus Circus casino
Note: It’s poor form to punch your fellow blackjack players in the face.

7. Circus Circus Casino Déjà Vu

This Vegas blog doesn’t have a particularly good memory, but even we know when we’re being duped. These folks look familiar? Yeah, they just did a wardrobe change. Sigh.

Circus Circus casino
Same group, but the guy with the gray hair lost his red-headed stalker. Interesting that everyone’s winning, too. Just like a real casino!

8. Cher at MGM Grand

We don’t know who this 15-year-old girl is, but it’s pretty clear somebody should have their Photoshop certificate revoked.

Cher MGM Grand
Cher is actually 67 years old. Years, not weeks.

9. Senor Frog’s at TI

This Vegas blog has been to Senor Frog’s. It’s sort of whatever the opposite of this is.

Senor Frog's
Bonus points to the guy with a Senor Frog’s patch on his pant leg.

10. The Mirage

Let’s get this straight. No group of guys has ever dressed this well in the history of fabric.

Mirage restaurant
Oh, no, you did not just put pastrami and a plate of pickles in one ad. Subliminal, much?

If you see other examples of WTF Las Vegas ads, please send them our way. Some day, Vegas establishments are going to get that we’re just not buying it.