Zydeco Po-Boys, Siegel’s 1941 and Therapy: Downtown’s Restaurant Explosion Continues

The restaurant scene in downtown Las Vegas is booming, and the latest wave of openings includes three tempting new eateries (and drinkeries): Zydeco Po-Boys, Siegel’s 1941 and Therapy.

Let’s lick the thighs of these brand new downtown restaurants! Or possibly a more appropriate way of saying that.

First up, it’s Cajun fare at Zydeco Po-Boys. Zydeco Po-Boys is part of a new restaurant district of sorts, near the new Glutton and VegeNation restaurants, a block off Fremont Street East.

Zydeco Po-Boys
Zydeco is a musical genre popular in southwest Loinsiana, and has also been spelled “zarico” and “zodico,” because it’s hard to spell when you’re hopped up on gumbo.

During our first visit to Zydeco Po-Boys, we bumped into chef Brandon Trahan, who seems very much the real deal, at least accentwise.

When asked what brought him to Las Vegas, he says, “Hurricane Rita.” Trahan ran a laundry until the hurricane hit, then attended culinary school and forged a partnership with the Downtown Project to make his dream of operating a restaurant a reality. Read the whole deal.

Zydeco Po-Boys
Much of the decor is repurposed. Repurposing is very popular with the kids.

Trahan designed the restaurant space and created the menu of Southern Louisiana favorites as well.

The menu is whimsical and features sausage, turkey, shrimp, catfish and ham po-boys (basically sub sandwiches). Oh, and “debris,” the bits that fall of the roast beef and brisket. We’re so trying that.

Zydeco Po-Boys
Whimsical and easily changed if the chef so desires.

Trahan says he’ll also serve alligator from time-to-time, but we won’t hold that against him. Because he personally made the restaurant’s tables. Out of doors.

Zydeco Po-Boys
You try making a table out of a door. Go on, we’ll wait.

Zydeco Po-Boys will be open 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. each day. Find them on Facebook.

Next up!

In the time-honored Las Vegas tradition of glorifying criminals, Siegel’s 1941 restaurant has opened at the El Cortez casino in the former, much-missed Flame restaurant space.

Learn more.

Siegel's 1941
Siegel’s 1941 was named after Bugsy Siegel. Thankfully, it’s not called Bugsy’s. He hated that nickname, preferring Ben or Mr. Siegel.

When we visited Siegel’s 1941, we were informed no photos are allowed. We absolutely love when that happens.

Siegel's 1941
Siegel’s 1941 seats 180 people and is just off the casino floor. Yet it doesn’t much smell like a casino. Go figure.

What’s the 1941 in Siegel’s 1941? Well, that’s the year Siegel was tried for the murder of Harry “Big Greenie” Greenberg. After the death of two state witnesses, no additional witnesses came forward. Acquitted.

Siegel's 1941
Dibs on the eerie Bugsy head at the hostess desk.

El Cortez describes Siegel’s 1941 as “upscale casual,” because you can never have too many oxymorons!

The menu at Siegel’s 1941 runs the gamut of steaks, seafood, sandwiches and a wide variety of American comfort foods. Here’s the full menu for Siegel’s 1941 at El Cortez (.pdf format).

El Cortez cafe
El Cortez appeals to a value-seeking clientele. Prices are often half of what you’d pay on The Strip for comparable eats. During our visit for restaurant photos, we hit a $500 slot jackpot, so we’re fond of the looseness of the casino’s slot machines, too.

Siegel’s 1941 is open 24-7, replacing the casino’s now-closed Cafe Cortez to make room for a new nightlife offering, which will presumably be called the Siegel Social Club.

Our third and final bit of downtown newness hasn’t quite opened yet, but it’s set to go on June 19, 2015.

It’s Therapy restaurant and bar on Fremont East, about half-a-block east of Fremont Street Experience.

Therapy restaurant and bar
Therapy restaurant and bar sits in a space formerly occupied by a Dollar (yawn) Store. So, we approve. Especially given the “bar” part.

Therapy’s 4,000-square-foot space features the aforementioned bar and a mezzanine level overlooking the restaurant. Therapy can accommodate 130 people, all of whom lie on couches. Unless we completely made that up. Because Therapy.

At one time, Therapy was going to be called Fremont Social, but the name was changed because more letters in the name would’ve resulted in the restaurant’s neon sign costing nearly twice as much. We have no “facts” to back up that theory, but Occam’s razor has totally got our back on this one.

Therapy Las Vegas
Therapy is next to Insert Coins and Vanguard Lounge. There’s a joke in there somewhere. We’ll get back to you on that.

The restaurant will have live entertainment and feature “urban American cuisine, served tapas-style.” Oh, and something about “progressive, yet approachable.” And it’s a “gastro-lounge.” Don’t ask us what all that means. We just copy and paste things! Read more.

Because Therapy isn’t open yet, we weren’t able to take a photo of the restaurant’s interior. Unless you know this blog at all! Hello!

Therapy Las Vegas
A few weeks ago, this was an empty shell. We like this a lot better.

We security breach because we care.

The building in which Therapy resides was built in the 1940s, so some design elements (like the exposed brick walls and wood ceiling) take advantage of the building’s existing features.

Therapy restaurant will be open 5:00 p.m. to midnight for its opening weekend, then 11:00 a.m. to midnight thereafter. Find out more on the Therapy Facebook page.

This blog is gushing euphoria about all the new restaurants in downtown Las Vegas! (It goes without saying Gushing Euphoria would make a pretty good band name.) If you try these new offerings, let us know what you think. Presumably over dinner at one of these new offerings. Your treat. We’re a blog, not an Adelson.