Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 40.5: A Chat With Five Downtown Casino Bosses

It’s not our typical episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, and that can only be a good thing.

This week, we share an uncensored panel discussion with five downtown casino bosses: Jonathan Jossel (Plaza), Seth Schorr (Downtown Grand), Derek Stevens (The D, Golden Gate), Jim Sullivan (Fremont) and Joe Woody (El Cortez). Patrick Hughes, President of Fremont Street Experience, moderates.

Five casino bosses
From left, Jonathan Jossel, Seth Schorr, Derek Stevens, Jim Sullivan and Joe Woody.

The discussion ranges from challenges for downtown, upcoming casino projects, the importance of non-gambling amenities at Las Vegas resorts and the fact downtown casinos have managed to outpace 12 other markets in Nevada in terms of year-over-year gaming (a fancy word for “gambling”) revenue.

Full disclosure: This blog’s day job is at Fremont Street Experience, a downtown marketing umbrella for several Las Vegas casinos including The D, Golden Gate and Fremont casinos. Our opinions are our own, unless we’re intoxicated, then our opinions are Captain Morgan’s.

Take a listen and learn more about the people behind the neon and tassels in downtown Las Vegas.