Tuscany Casino Ponies Up $150 Free Play for New Loyalty Club Members

The Tuscany is going hard to attract gamblers to its off-Strip casino.

The casino’s DaVinci Rewards program is offering the most generous sign-up promotion we can recall seeing, ever. New members get a guaranteed $150 in free play. The promotion started on June 1, 2024.

This promotion is giving off “all-you-can-eat shrimp at Red Lobster” vibes, so take advantage before the plug is pulled.

Tuscany Las Vegas
It should’ve been Tuscany Casino & Suites, but nobody asked us, shockingly.

Tuscany Suites and Casino is about three minutes east of the Las Vegas Strip on Flamingo Blvd.

A news release about the promotion says: “New members instantly receive $40 in free slot play upon signing up at the players club. If they provide a valid email address, they’ll get an extra $10, bringing their total to $50 in free slot play on their first day as members.”

Yes, the e-mail thing is a minor hitch, but keep in mind many casinos offer $10 for new sign-ups, sometimes nothing. Approximately 94% of people give fake e-mail addresses to casinos when they sign up for the loyalty club.

They’re asking for e-mail addresses because such promotions are essentially forking over perks to build the casino’s marketing database.

Here’s how to get the additional $100 in free play: “New members who sign up will be eligible to receive free slot play on their next two trips, which should differ from their initial sign-up date. On their second trip, they should visit the players club (or the cage/table games pit when the club is closed) to receive an additional $50 in free slot play. On their third trip, they should again visit the players club (or the cage/table games pit when the club is closed) to receive a final $50 in free slot play, totaling $150 in free slot play over the three visits. This free slot play will be valid for 30 days from the day it is issued.”

Honestly, there are surprisingly few hoops to jump through to get this generous free play. You have to get the additional $100 ($50 per visit) within 30 days of the initial sign-up.

Tuscany casino
Few phrases bring more joy to the hearts of gamblers than “free play.”

The news release also says this: “Tuscany Suites and Casino has the right to cancel or adjust this new member sign-up initiative at any time and manage new member sign-up incentive eligibility.”

Like we said, act now.

Casinos have to justify such free play programs, and while Tuscany is likely to get a lot of takers, they’re unlikely to get many quality customers in the process. Many grinders will come to the Tuscany exactly three times and not risk a penny more than their free slot play. The casino is hoping the return will exceed the cost. Free play isn’t real money, per se, but players can definitely win using it as the machine doesn’t know the difference between real money and free play.

If you thought a story about DaVinci Rewards wouldn’t have an A.I. image of DaVinci playing slots, you do not know this blog at all.

A customer acquisition program this aggressive is a bold move, but there’s a reason it’s unique. When you offer free play, you get customers looking for free play. It’s like when a casino offers $1 blackjack or $5 craps. You get players seeking $1 blackjack and $5 craps. They’re often high maintenance, tip poorly (or not at all), don’t patronize restaurants, book rooms or buy show tickets, and they rarely contribute positively to the casino vibe. Yes, it’s awkward, but if you’ve read this far, you’re looking for the realness, not fluff.

On the bright side, Tuscany got its table games back!

If you haven’t visited this casino before, now’s the time. There’s a Circa sportsbook, Pub 365 is reliably reliable, a solid snack bar and the rooms are cheap as hell, often $40-50 midweek.

Tuscany is nothing fancy, which is just the way we like our casinos. Make sure to let us know how much you win using The Man’s free play!

Update (6/17/24): Our Red Lobster analogy was fitting, as Tuscany quickly realize this promotion was too good to be true. A ton of new conditions have been added to this promotion, so heads up. Now, new members (non-locals) get their $50 in free play (if they provide an e-mail address), but have to earn 250 players points before getting an additional $50 free play, but a week has to pass before getting the second $50, and two weeks have to pass before getting the third installment ($50). All of this has to happen in 30 days. What visitor is going to do that? There are slightly fewer hoops for locals, but still.

These conditions bring the promotion more in line with typical new sign-up offers. It was fun for the two weeks it lasted.

Tuscany has added a ton of new caveats.