Study: Las Vegas Named Most Affordable U.S. City for a Night Out

From all the kvetching, you’d think Las Vegas is the most expensive place on Earth.

A new study begs to differ.

According to a report by price-monitoring Web site PriceListo, Las Vegas is the most affordable city in the country for a night out, costing an average of $120.76.

The most expensive city, according to the study, is San Diego, California, costing an average of $225.27.

This seems more like dusk, but just play along.

Studies by experts are infallible, as you know, so do not bother, under any circumstances, to take this one with a grain of salt.

When such studies are released, they are basically a way for Web sites to promote themselves, and it’s important to dig into the methodology for the study.

The criteria for this report comes down to a few metrics: The U.S. cities in the study are limited to those with a population exceeding 500,000.

The “average price of a night out” includes the average price of a cocktail, cab fare (three-mile journey), a bottle of wine and a pint of beer. Also included is the median price for a one-night stay in a budget hotel in each city.

Twenty bucks is the new six bucks, sorry.

For comparison purposes, here are the 10 most affordable U.S. cities for a night out:

1. Las Vegas – $120.76
2. San Antonio – $134.56
3. Oklahoma City – $136.98
4. San Francisco – $142.94
5. Fresno – $145.55
6. Alburquerque – $157.47
7. Jacksonville – $162.42
8. Philidelphia – $168.74
9. Fort Worth – $172.14
10. Chicago – $173.81

The bottom line, stop your whining! Las Vegas is a great value and always has been.

Complaining about your $20 cocktail is akin to your grandparents talking about how back in their day a loaf of bread could be purchased for a nickel. That was 1912! It’s unlikely your grandparents were alive in 1912, which means they are probably imposters, so alert the authorities.

Here are the numbers that gave Las Vegas the top spot: Median budget hotel rate, $62.73; cab fare (three miles), $9.37; one cocktail drink in downtown club, $20; one bottle of red table wine, good quality, $14; fast food meal (combo McDonald’s), $9; one beer in neighborhood pub, $5.66.

If you’re dubious about the results of this study, there’s a caveat of note. The news release with these results says, “The data revealed Las Vegas to be the most affordable city in the U.S. for a night out, mostly thanks to the city being home to the cheapest hotels, the median price being $62.73 for a one-night stay in a budget hotel.”

We have no idea if that skews the results. It’s not our study. Do not send us angry Tweets or e-mails, thanks.

We trust you’d also like to see the most expensive U.S. cities for a night out:

1. San Diego – $225.27
2. Charlotte – $224.75
3. Austin – $221.23
4. Memphis – $216.25
5. Columbus – $212.47
6. Boston – $211.16
7. Seattle – $210.61
8. Washington, DC – $210.39
9. Houston – $209.54
10. Tucson – $203.39

The next time you’re grumbling about the prices of things in Las Vegas, remember this bulletproof study from the fine folks at PriceListo, which at first glance sounds like the name of the worst superhero, ever.

ChatGPT disagrees.

Here’s what’s A.I. wrote when we asked it to compose a movie pitch for PriceListo.

Capes and pricing knowledge are not mutually exclusive.

That is honestly better than most of the movies being made by Hollywood right now.

But we’re talking about what a great value Las Vegas is!

Study or not, when you’re in Las Vegas, it’s helpful to keep things in perspective. It could always be worse!

We’re thinking the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority should consider that as a new slogan for the destination: “Las Vegas. It could always be worse!”

Often, it’s not the price of something that matters, it’s the memories you’re creating. It’s the new friends you’re making. It’s the local ordinances and crosswalks you’re ignoring. It’s the hooking up with complete strangers. You know, the experience. You can’t put a price on that. Although, just a heads up, some of the complete strangers you’re hooking up with could be sex workers, and are completely comfortable putting a price on that. Let’s wrap this up.

Value in Sin City may seem more elusive of late, but according to at least one hastily slapped-together study on the Internet, Las Vegas is the most affordable U.S. city for a night out, and that’s the story we’re sticking to.