“Pawn Stars” Featured in Groundbreaking Bob Dylan Video

A new interactive video set to a Bob Dylan tune, “Like a Rolling Stone,” has gone viral and includes a segment featuring the cast of “Pawn Stars,” set right here in Las Vegas.

We couldn't love this more.
We couldn’t love this more. You’ll see why.

The video provides a new take on Bob Dylan’s 1965 classic, with an interactive TV screen simulating different “channels,” each with a different take on the song. As you “surf” the channels, one of the scenarios has Rick and Chumlee from “Pawn Stars” lip-syncing to “Like a Rolling Stone.”

Oh, just watch the Bob Dylan video, already. Make sure to change the channels so you don’t miss anything. There are 16 channels in all.

The “Pawn Stars” guys nail it, especially the “What just happened?” moment when Dylan’s song lyric says, “Do you want to make a deal?”

The video also has other well-known television personalities, like a “Price is Right” segment with Drew Carey, simulated newscasts and sportscasts, and, yes, there’s even a Bob Dylan channel.

How does it feel? To make even more money from a 1965 song?
“How does it feel” to squeeze even more money out of a song from 1965?

The interactive video was created by digital company Interlude, and was done to help market his new, 35-album boxed set, The Complete Album Collection.

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